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  1. Aww! I also applied to UGA (different professor) so I understand how you're feeling. In the thread, he speculated that if the applicant pool is really good, faculty may accept more students than normal, making the following cohort smaller. Ya never know! It's ~80 more applicants for them, but I expect interview invites will probably start next week, so we'll all know soon. Best of luck! 🙂👍
  2. I'm sure we all guessed that this year's applicant pool would be bigger than years past. Anecdotally, in case you're interested in speculating how much of an increase... University of Georgia's app deadline was 11/15 so they've begun reviewing, a clinical psych professor from the program tweeted that they've seen a 30-40% increase.
  3. I have a little over 5 years of experience. 1 undergrad, 4 post undergrad.
  4. All done! (except one back up, non-psych program app that's not due til Jan or Feb) Good luck!
  5. I've submitted all my apps, but I did. I've done different types of research and project management - not all psych related. I think different experiences can speak to different strengths, even generic analyst type work.
  6. Remember that the average score is just that, an average. So in theory, half of the students admitted had below the average score reported. Good luck!
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