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  1. MAPSS placement is actually really great, so if you can negotiate for more money, I’d go there. MAPSS is also multidisciplinary so you actually have more options after graduation than just doctorate study if that ever interested you. And you can pursue any research you want since it’s up to you on who you really want for your advisor.
  2. Thank you all for the helpful info. Overall it seems highly variable but associated with COL. Good to know!! If anyone has stipend info about school psychology that would be super helpful! And more data points for clinical and developmental programs are also welcome!
  3. Thank you for the quick response! And that does seem very high, especially compared to what I have heard from other clinical students. Anyone have any info about school or dev programs? Thanks again!
  4. Hi all, First time poster here. I'll be applying to programs next year, and I was wondering about PhD program stipends. Not sure what to expect and what to be looking out for. I'll be applying to a mix of programs (Clinical, School, Developmental), and I was wondering if there was a typical/standard stipend for each area. What is a competitive stipend at this time? I would really even appreciate specific school names if possible, but if you feel uncomfortable writing it here, I would appreciate a DM! THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE!!!
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