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  1. Has anyone heard from James Madison Univ. (JMU)? Their deadline for sending out invites/rejections has now passed and I'm guessing there are delays but I wanted to check in case anyone has called already and/or has heard from them...
  2. I'm also still waiting to hear from FDU - radio silence so far. I couldn't find any info on the dates on the interview days... Hopefully we'll hear soon!
  3. Has anyone heard from West Virginia Univ.? I've seen a couple posts on the admission results page... but only a handful and they were quite sporadic.. Since their interview days are the end of this week (I think?!) I'm assuming rejection but wondered if anyone else has heard anything since i've not seen anything on this page so far?
  4. Hey! This type of stuff always throws me too... I was dreading writing the "talk about yourself" section and I'm probably not 100% happy with it but ohhh well... I'm currently based in Europe so I wrote a bit about that. I wrote about my experiences from being in a new place/culture, finding friends in a new place, learning a new language, etc. (while trying to relate these new experiences to my personality, i.e. a social person..). I also wrote a few lines on being an active individual (e.g. ex-lacrosse player, dog owner, kite-surfer, etc.).. I didn't touch at all on insecurities but did
  5. I originally tried to integrate it but very unsuccessfully.. I felt that it took away from the main statement and the focus of my research interests etc. I ended up doing the latter of what you described, so separating it under its own heading. Was pretty happy with it/that approach in the end Good luck with the statement and rest of the application!
  6. I see that this was posted a couple of week ago, so you have likely written your statement by now but maybe a reply is still helpful! I have also applied to FD and for the "about yourself" part I wrote about half a page. This is the only school that I applied to that has asked for this type of information.. was a strange addition but hopefully the half-a-page approach was sufficient!
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