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  1. I would recommend you retake. Look at the average score for each institution listed on SIOP. 1130 isn't great. It may get you into some Masters programs.
  2. I may be able to give you some advice if you have any questions. I started the last I/O thread (it looks like it's still there at the bottom of the page). Since that time, I've been accepted into a Ph.D program and will begin classes in about 3 weeks. Out of curiosity, which programs are you applying for? I keep hearing that last year was a tough year to get in and that this year isn't any better. I personally think that it doesn't matter much for serious minded students.
  3. I know! When I talked to one of the profs before I applied, she told me that they have an interview weekend. They don't pay for anything. And if you don't show up, it counts as a strike against you. She said that grad school was a big investment and a truely serious applicant should make the effort to come to an interview. While I suppose this is true, it's still a dick move on the part of the school to require a face-to-face interview that they don't help pay for. It's a huge burden to ask of poor students. I don't understand why a phone interview doesn't suffice if they really want to penny pinch.
  4. I got a letter today from Case Western Reserve University. I wasn't accepted into their Organizational Behavior program. Oh well. At least now I won't have to fork out money for a mandatory in-person interview that they don't help pay for at all.
  5. That's a bummer. It feels doubly unfair when it might have been someone elses mistake rather than your own merit. I hope you get accepted into one of your other choices. I haven't heard back from anywhere else besides the ones I already mentioned. I've lost hope on Purdue, because someone on the results page got accepted there a few weeks ago and said they were one of three. Oh well. We'll see about the others.
  6. uberskooper


    A professor that I did undergrad research with actually got an article published in Science on the subject. He did a huge meta analysis of scores of admissions tests for various disciplines (GRE, MCAT, etc) compared to various measures of grad student performance (publications, grades, time in school). He found that these tests were actually pretty good predictors, with correlations between .3 and .5. They aren't the best, but they're decent predictors of performance and the best we've got. That being said, everyone still hates taking them.
  7. Ouch! That really sucks. I thought most programs informed you if you had stuff missing. Is it really an official rejection? Maybe you can still send them whatever they need, especially if it's something dumb like a transcript.
  8. I'm interested in working with Christiansen and Wagner. They both seemed nice when I contacted them and they do solid reserach, and they publish a lot. I'm definately more on the Industrial side of I/O, though some things on the O side interest me. I kind of got the same imrpession from GWU also. It's definately more on the O side. Though they are due to get two new faculty members, which might change things up. I don't know how much chance I'll have at GWU anyway, or even if I want to go since their stipened is the same as everywhere else but the cost of living is incredibly larger. Do you go to CMU? It's a pretty good school. Who do you work with? How's the town. One of my main concerns is that my girlfriend won't be able to find a job in Mt. Pleasant.
  9. I've been accepted to Central Michigan University today. No word on funding until later. So far I have two acceptences, one waitlist, and one interview (which I declined).
  10. All this talk about how good the applicant pool is this year and whatnot makes me glad that I was accepted into a program I wanted to attend early on. For those of you talking about Central Michigan, it's a good school but I thought they were more of a safety school. Just look on the SIOP website. They get like 50 applicants on average, but they make about 25 offers. Meaning most everyone chooses to go elsewhere. It probably has more to do with the location then the quality of the school, but still. It looks like someone was one of three people to get into the Purdue I/O program. I wasn't called so I was probably not one of the three. Just as well. The guy I wanted to work with was not tenured and could leave me high and dry.
  11. Yep. That was me. I got into Wright State today. Yeay!
  12. I just finished a second interview with Wright State. Hopefully I'll get an offer from them. I should know in a week or two.
  13. Got an interview from Wright State today. A good sign.
  14. Has anyone heard back from any of their programs yet? I'm anxious to start getting offers.
  15. How do you folks extract any useful information out of applyingtograd? The Livejournal format makes it hard to navigate. I'm primarily interested finding people in my field (I/O Psychology), and preferably those applying to the same schools as me.
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