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  1. I WAS ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I applied to a PhD program.I have a bad feeling since I have not heard anything yet.I feel this will a repeat of last year.
  3. If I have not heard from schools by now does that mean I am rejected, considering April 15 is so close?
  4. If I have not heard from schools by now, does I am rejected?
  5. llcooln6


    Has anyone heard from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Educational Psychology Department ?
  6. Has anyone heard from UNLV(University of Nevada Las Vegas) Educational Psychology department?
  7. we all know what the decision is, a rejection.Mine on its way too
  8. anyone still waiting to hear from them? anyone...
  9. Anyone hear from them....psychology department?
  10. llcooln6


    Has anyone heard from USC..if so what program?
  11. the social program,.well each program is taking two students
  12. Anyone heard any more new from UC Davis?Are they on spring break?I wonder why they are taking so long to send out rejections.
  13. It appears that they are rejecting everyone who did not have an interview.They are just taking their time to do it...
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