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  1. I'm actually planning to go into a PhD, but I hear wonderful things from people graduating with rhet/comp MAs because they chose the right program. If you want to be a grant writer, run a Writing Center, advise, or even just teach lower-level composition classes, an MA alone works! I understand the worry--two of my roommates are going into scientific PhDs and have actually said a Masters would have hurt their chances. I've not heard of that at all from my conversations with other rhet/comp people. For my MA, my school doesn't offer a PhD and works really hard on good PhD placements (an
  2. Hi! I'm going to speak as a total novice and based solely on my experiences, but I'll try to address some of your concerns: The way I'm interpreting this is that you don't read what's considered "literature" often, but you do enjoy reading. If you said, "I don't enjoy reading anything, period," grad school may not be the route to take, but depending on the rhet/comp programs you pick, you may not have to dabble in capital-L Literature very much. I avoided Literature-heavy programs when applying myself because I dig rhet/comp and am not so good at the literary criticism stuff.
  3. marisawhy

    Corvallis, OR

    It's me again! I've accepted my offer from OSU and have also accepted the necessity of a roommate. I'm lurking on the facebook groups right now, and will soon be added to a group for my cohort that I'm told is a good place to start looking. I definitely want to start there because I'd prefer to live with other grad students. Are there other places I should be searching? I know people use Craigslist but I never have and am... wary.
  4. I wish I had seen your post sooner! I visited OSU earlier this week before accepting and got to learn more about the teaching load. Now, if you've decided to move to Cincinnati, I couldn't blame you because I love Cincy if you chose Auburn for the financial security I wouldn't blame you for that either. Best wishes with whomever you chose!!
  5. So excited to post in this thread! I've officially committed to Oregon State's Rhetoric MA I went to visit the area (having never been west of St. Louis), and the faculty and current students were really wonderful. I'm very excited!
  6. Quoting myself because twenty minutes after posting this I heard from Penn State! Apparently their numbers are solidifying and it looks like they won't have room for me. LOOKS LIKE I'M GOING TO OREGON STATE!
  7. I have three waitlists but have gotten none of those emails yet--but I second your anxiety. Only one waitlist school could really make a difference for me... I also hate making my current top choice wait it out because they've been so wonderful.
  8. That sounds very positive! I hope this works out to good news for you! The school I'm waiting on is being very vague about most things, though they've said they often go into their waitlist and, while they try not to let it come to this, offers are often made on April 15th. Good to know I'm not the only one feeling like this! I hope for good news! I had a program pressuring me to decide early and other programs (including my waitlists) were unhappy (sometimes angry) about that (though this program's official deadline was early). In other words--don't feel bad if you want to mak
  9. To my fellow waitlisted: If you're waitlisted at a school you know you would accept but also have an offer from a program you like, how long are you waiting to hear back from the waitlist? I've been thinking evening April 14th/morning April 15th at the latest but is that too late? What are your thoughts?
  10. @sarahchristine be honest! You can definitely say they're your number one but still let them know you have other offers. One of my waitlisted programs told me to keep them updated because, if I got an offer from one of their competitors and was accepted off their waitlist, the DGS would use that info to bully the Dean for more funding for me.
  11. @PricklyParoxysm and @callmethabreeze -- I only found out I was waitlisted for Miami's MA after emailing to ask. I'm rhet/comp, but it's very possible this happened to y'all too! (Also, her response said they would be sending my official waitlist letter that day--the 15th. I haven't gotten it, though my mailman is notoriously unreliable.)
  12. Just declined two MA offers (CMU was painful, but I just don't have $20k+ to spare for a Masters). Nobody's really posted about being waitlisted for those programs, and I don't usually believe in karma, but hopefully this comes back to help us all waitlisted at other places. (Also I'm naturally having a minor freakout because I only have one definite offer left. This will probably drag on close to April 15th.)
  13. marisawhy

    Corvallis, OR

    Hopping on this thread for similar advice as previous posters--I really like the program I've been accepted to at OSU but I have nooooo idea what housing or cost of living is like in Corvallis. I would really like to live alone, but I'm not sure how I will do on my stipend. Does anyone have apartment complexes they could recommend to help me start my search?
  14. I don't think it's really expected, but it doesn't hurt if you want more information. My advisor said it's totally cool to call or email to reiterate your interest in the program and ask generally about the waitlist--so not really "Am I near the top?" but more of "Based on past years, when have you started to go into your waitlist? How far into your waitlist do you normally go?" --especially if the program is near the top of your personal list.
  15. update: I'm accepted off the waitlist!!! May the waitlist dominoes begin to fall in everyone's favor!
  16. Anyone else get an email from Oregon State about movement on the waitlist? EDIT: (an update) I emailed Miami (OH) and Washington State (MA programs) about application statuses, since I'm getting pressure from another school to commit early. Miami has responded that I'm on a waitlist, and my official letter was going to send today (so if anybody else is waiting to hear about Miami's rhet/comp MA, you may hear back soon).
  17. I got my rejection exactly a week ago. Did they really take that long to send out all their rejections??
  18. Sorry to bother about this subject again, but I want advice: When asking CSU for a decision extension, should I 1) specifically ask for April 15th and 2) mention I want to wait out some waitlists? I have a paragraph about being excited for the program but I don't want to come off as "If I'm accepted to Penn State I am immediately dumping you," if that makes sense.
  19. Sorry--it's been a very long day away from my computer--thanks @Warelin and @maengret!
  20. @maengret That's what I thought! I'm gonna ask for an extension but idk why they'd try it in the first place. & thank you!!
  21. Accepted into Colorado State with a funded GTA position! While I'm thrilled to have such a great offer, they want a decision by March 12th?? why you gotta play me like this fam
  22. FINALLY got a letter from Oregon State that I'm on the waitlist. (Yes, it's dated the 12th. Uh, sidenote, how do I file a complaint with the Postal Service??)
  23. This seems like a really tough situation for me, personally, I would take this school off my list, but I have very different priorities than you (no spouse/kids, don't care about moving). It sounds like the DGS is saying not to count on a strong RC faculty for your degree, though, and that seems like it could not be productive for your research interests. Could there be other factors besides faculty to make the program strong in RC? I don't think it would be out-of-line if you wanted to call the DGS to chat more specifically about what this would look like (especially about just how clos
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