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  1. If anyone has any questions about UT Austin rhetoric, I'm happy to talk about the program. I'm in my first year here.
  2. Officially accepted my offer from UT Austin, y'all. Where should I buy my cowboy boots?
  3. Congrats on narrowing it to 2! I know we talked a little already, so I'll try not to repeat myself much. I think it kind of depends how important rhetorical theory is to you. I don't know a lot about NC State's program, but from what I've gathered, I think theory is more emphasized at Clemson and critical making is more emphasized at NCSU. Obviously we still have plenty of making going on here and there's theory there, but I think your "simple" analysis is pretty accurate. If you check out the latest issue of Kairos, you'll see both a Clemson and NSCU student published in it. The work the Clemson student published started in a class, I believe, and I think most professors here are really welcome to you customizing a project as much as you can to fit your own interests and publication.
  4. I just want to also agree that no, definitely do not go into debt for an MA. especially if funding is an option where you currently are.
  5. I'm in super stressed finish my thesis/last semester of MA mode, so I couldn't imagine going now. A lot of Clemson peeps are there *nudge nudge*
  6. No, not I! I didn't end up applying to Cs at all this year.
  7. Declined an offer from Texas Tech's TCR program- hopefully this helps someone out!
  8. I can claim one. No idea if that’s all of them. I got an email from the grad director who said a letter in the mail was coming, and then yesterday an email from the grad school saying a letter was coming.
  9. It looks like Clemson acceptances have gone/are in the process of going out. If anyone has any questions about the program or Clemson in general, I'd be happy to chat
  10. I emailed last week to ask about schedules and was told we’d be getting them by the end of this week. So, hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow!
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