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  1. That's impressive! I wrote a chapter for mine this summer and I wish I could use it but it's not in writing sample shape at all. But then again I've been dwelling on the 'fit' between the SOP and WS too much.
  2. Hey! Haha, that's so cool! *insert mild stalking here* Your thesis sounds really interesting. Are you still working on it, or are you using an existing chapter for the writing sample?
  3. Lol! Now those are good research skills! I've never gone that deep but now I'm tempted to, haha.
  4. University of Virginia, Rutgers, UMich and NYU are currently on my list since I can identify at least 2 faculty members (sometimes 4 or 5!) I could work with. I've gone back and forth with Cornell, for example, because after looking at dissertations in the last several years I noticed that Boyce Davies hasn't served as chair. It makes me weary of applying to any institution in hopes of working closely with 'superstars' in the field. I've been pretty picky, but there are some programs that I get the feeling my interests would be supported however I can't pinpoint exactly why. I am also toying with Florida State, Brown, Vanderbilt, Boston University and Northeastern. Like you, I will only apply to a handful of schools, which is both daunting and oddly comforting!
  5. Awesome! I don't think there are too many of us around, it's a pleasure to 'meet' you! I just checked out your intro post and saw you're an international applicant - me too! I think we have quite a bit in common. If you don't mind sharing, what schools are you looking at? My list has been growing and shrinking the more I (over)think about it. Also, if you ever want to talk over PM about the process in general I'd love to.
  6. Hey all! I typically lurk on this forum but I really want to feel like I'm a part of the 2020 cycle. I'm in the 2nd year of my MA program (that I wouldn't have found without this lovely place) and I'm interested in Caribbean poetry, African diasporic travel and folklore, along with digital humanities. I originally applied with a BA to PhD programs and in 2017 I was accepted to a program but I ended up declining the offer due to a host of concerns. The following year I tried the MA/PhD route and got waitlisted at my top program - OSU - then ultimately rejected. In a surprising turn of events I applied to a funded MA that reopened applications in April of that year and got in! Idk if this is my 2nd or 3rd cycle but I'm definitely a repeat applicant with a similar experience. My interests have developed and changed so much during grad school that I'm happy those programs didn't work out because they wouldn't support me well now. I'm excited to try this PhD application once more and share the full experience with you all. Now to tackle the SOP head-on - I thought after writing so many I'd be an expert by now, but it still scares me 🙈
  7. So have Vanderbilt and Pittsburgh! And I think it's now optional at Boston University
  8. Additionally, you can check out this thread: Though it's rather old, it's been updated over the years and can serve as a good starting point for further research.
  9. This is officially my favorite thread on this forum! I applied and got in!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
  10. Ahh no longer in the abyss! Congrats! I'm curious...would movement from Brown make things more complicated for you two?
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