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  1. I've gotten varied responses on this subject, but I'd say do what you feel most comfortable with. For some profs I'd spoken to quite a bit I felt the desire to send a personal note so they'd be hearing the news from me, and it seemed to go over well/wasn't awkward. Idk if there's a 'right' or 'wrong' way with this sort of thing but I'm a pretty sensitive soul so I sent some emails, had some phone calls etc. - maybe excessive to some but that brought me some measure of peace. But bottom line, I don't think you 'owe' this to anyone, my goal was to communicate my gratitude and ultimately my decis
  2. I turned down my offer from Rutgers a couple days ago - I'm a bit sad but relieved that theirs was the last one I needed to write...the process was eating away at me. Hopefully it helps someone out!
  3. I was thinking of you, but didn't want to be a weirdo and tag you in my original post, haha. Best of luck!
  4. 'Twas hard, but I officially declined my offer from the University of Michigan. I hope it helps someone on the waitlist!
  5. Yes, I signed up to be wined and dined haha. It really is difficult balancing all of this with writing my MA thesis, news that my campus is closed for the entire semester and more and more confirmed coronavirus cases in my home country. Ugh. My email inbox is busy enough with 3 programs, I can't imagine yours! Who knows, maybe Harvard ghosting you is their way of being considerate. Hopefully things fall into place one way or another.
  6. Sigh, only 2 hours?? I just got info from Rutgers for the first day, and it's a series of phone calls. While I'm certainly interested in having these conversations and asking questions it feels like much of the work is placed on applicants to prep for these 'virtual meetings'. (Like I don't already have enough scheduled phone calls at this point lol). It's totally different if one is meeting with a group instead of always one-on-one.
  7. Yup, all my remaining visits have now been canceled. Maybe it's a sign lol. I really wonder how this will impact decisions (including my own!) and waitlist movement...
  8. I just found out I'm in at Rutgers!! I am shakinggg. Also, if I wasn't already in the abyss of indecision I sure am now!
  9. Indeed! Thank you, wishing you all the best with your remaining apps!
  10. Thanks! Our mini postcolonial/Caribbean group is doing well!
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