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  1. It's way more fun to waste time with conspiracy theories. (= my life motto.) (Also last year she caused a ton of upheaval with her whole "thing" and I think people were attempting to head it off this year before others unwittingly get too invested.)
  2. Yeah but she said her MA was in "Humanities and Social Sciences" and NYU's program is the only one of the two with those foci.
  3. and there it is! [also NYU has an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies through the Draper Program in Humanities and Social Thought, but CUNY doesn't so...]
  4. If you look at the original YoungCharlie masterpost, there's the same phrase about begging: " I had to beg two of my professors for solid recommendation letters, and they didn't even submit them on time. "
  5. also I think it's really funny that anyone would come to a forum full of people who literally want to make/are making their livelihood analyzing words, and so generally have unusually good eyes for details, and expect no one to notice. You maybe could get away with this in some other field of PhDs, but probably not here.
  6. glad we could resurrect this oozing flesh wound one last time before everyone goes home
  7. Thanks, Caroline! I have two offers in-hand from great programs, but I'm waitlisted at UT. At this point I'm not planning to take it even if I get it, but do you feel like sharing more about why you and others are wavering? at any rate I think UT had the last visiting days of most programs so maybe everyone can begin to finalize choices by this weekend and they can trickle down to other waitlists.
  8. random question---but what days does the visiting weekend run? I'm waitlisted and waiting on acceptees deciding between U Texas and other programs so I was hoping to get a potential time frame for their final decisions after this weekend:)
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