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  1. Agree with the above, but want to add that the guidelines for what "knowing a foreign language" means vary across programs. My program requires two languages, but the university offers summer graduate language courses to help you check these off easily. I also wasn't aware that the four language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) can be taught separately. For example, I can do a decent translation of something written in french, but if you asked me to speak or listen to people speaking French I'd have no idea what's going on. I've never needed more than that throughout research. It
  2. That really is quite lucky. I'm relatively certain I could create a band called Catastrophically Jaded from the ashes of my cohort!?
  3. As a fellow old ABD (I think @jrockford27 and I started around the same time?) I want to second all of this advice, but I also want to reassure you that you really don't need to be an expert in your potential field when you apply. That's what the whole experience is for! That said, your need to interrogate and expand your own knowledge base is something that will absolutely serve you well through the process. I don't think it's possible to be truly engaged in the process without constantly looking for ways to refine your goals and writing, and I think a good SOP shows that more than anything.
  4. Great questions, honestly. I didn't think to ask them and am, five years later, super grateful that I chose well on these counts anyway (other than campus carry which I'll get back to). Health insurance is actually really good. It has reasonable copays and since it's such a big system, is taken pretty much everywhere in TX. While they do throw you right into TAing, it's very much a supported experience. The department has cubicles in a separate building for you to hold office hours, as well as tiny but workable office cubes that are only shared by two people (I wouldn't recommend try
  5. It's not impossible to get a pass, but most people in the department don't. That's primarily because the pass isn't a guarantee of parking, it just gives you access to certain kinds of campus parking. I had a friend who bought a pass our first year and ended up never using it because the traffic near campus is so congested that parking fills up quickly. There are a few garages and many people use metered parking in West Campus so if that would work for you, I'd recommend those options before paying for the pass.
  6. I can't add much to silenus' great advice, other than to reinforce how expensive rent can be. I'm a 5th year and when I first moved here my apartment was 575; that same apartment is now renting for 925. There are still some great gems left, but it's definitely an extra stressor. It's also totally true that collegiality is important in the department. My cohort and the cohort ahead of us (affectionately-ish called the brohort) have spent tons of time together over the years and I think most people have ease finding a good group of friends to bitch and moan with. There have also been a numb
  7. Seconding every word of this. I also want to add to OP, you really shouldn't feel bad about not being good at research. Quality research takes practice! I'm finishing my first dissertation chapter, and have had the luck of being in a collaborative department and seeing many dissertators before me. It's very easy to compare yourself to the books and articles you've read, and despair. But I've learned over the last few years that you don't already have to be researching and writing at that level to do a PhD. I'd argue that you don't even have to be writing at a monograph level to complete a PhD.
  8. Congrats Lyoness*! It's been so weird seeing people who started only a year or two before me finally finish. It feels so close and yet so far! *(I've always remembered you be cause Tamora Pierce is bae)
  9. Yup, positive. It was in an email from the DGS this morning about getting involved during recruitment weekend, but it may take awhile for them to actually get every single decision out, since I think they do individual emails?
  10. If this helps anyone's anxiety, I just heard that UT just sent out all their admission decisions!
  11. Yes, exactly! I'm sure if I actually get a job, I'd be much more like my current casual self, but I want to have a great interview bag so I don't give off grad student vibes. Thanks for the suggestions! These bags are gorgeous! Thanks for the idea! I'm seriously just bookmarking my favorite bag from all the sites y'all suggested.
  12. Okay, so that title was clickbait. But basically, I'm in the market for a new bag and I'm looking for an investment. If all of the writing lines up as hoped, I'm about a year and a half out from the job market, so I'll need at least a year to decide on the best bag because I'm extremely indecisive when it comes to spending good money. So my question is, what kind of bags do you all recommend? I'm traditionally a jansport kinda girl, but I'm hoping to get a messenger bag with good capacity and quality materials. I'd like it to be my bag for a good few years, so durability and clean construction
  13. Maybe I can provide some more context? I mentioned in your thread about NYU that I'm at UT Austin, and it's one of those programs with no terminal MA, but each cohort is composed of about 60/40 BA holders to MA holders. The only major difference is that MA holders have one less year guaranteed funding and BA holders are required to write a short MA thesis at the end of the second year. This also means you can't really transfer any outside credit. I was a BA only entrance in 2013, and I'd agree with everything @kayrabbit and @Warelin said (hey y'all!). In particular, I want to focus on the
  14. Ha, sorry to keep you all in suspense! I've been doing my winter travel and don't check this site nearly enough as it is. So, I applied to PhD programs in the 2012 and 2013 cycles, and in Spring 2012 (I had my math slightly off in the first post!) I applied to NYUs PhD and was instead accepted to their MA. Being the bright-eyed and ignorant college senior I was, I thought it sounded like a great opportunity, but the price made me want to check it out first. I visited on a day when the MA students would meet up in the department for chat and coffee, and some of the things that I found unse
  15. Hey! Old school part-time lurker here. I'm not and never have been enrolled in the NYU MA program, but I was accepted there in 2013 and did visit with their grad students on one occasion. I have many thoughts about the program (none particularly great) so would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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