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  1. Thank you! Such helpful information!
  2. Hi everyone! I'll be at UConn in the Fall, English department. Cassidyaxx, my partner and I are thinking of moving to Hartford. It looks like it's about a half-hour drive. Do you have any sense of the traffic between Storrs & Hartford? I just finished up my MA in the DC area, and my 25 minute commute was often an hour and half during rush hour I guess what I'm asking is is it insane to consider commuting to Storrs from Hartford a few days a week?
  3. Literally sobbing. Just accepted a PhD offer from UConn! I've wanted this since I was a little girl, and I never thought it would happen. Thanks GC, for your support and help!
  4. Congratulations!! And thank you thank you! I'm on UConn's waitlist and it's my top choice. You wouldn't happen to be Rhet/Comp, would you?
  5. I think emailing to follow up is a good idea. Similar to emailing after an interview. Just to let them know that you haven't changed your mind after the visit!
  6. No. I got into a funded MA (at George Mason) with no publications or presentations. I did do a post-bacc first that allowed me to take and do well in 2 or 3 grad level courses, since I'd been out of school for like 10 years.
  7. I absolutely think both those things is accepted and normal!
  8. Totally fine to submit the same abstract to multiple conferences. It *is* taboo to give the same paper at multiple conferences, although there is literally no oversight on that. I'm not sure about the second question. HOWEVER a conference paper is usually 7 pages, and a journal article is typically much longer and much more evidence-heavy, so I think it would be hard to use the same paper for those 2 things. I've seen articles where the author has said "this paper was originally presented at such and such conference" but those are usually late-career academics who can get away with such t
  9. Thank you! Yeah, I noticed a lot of the "accepted from waitlist" results are posted on April 15th exactly! Yikes. But thank you, it's good to know.
  10. I know many faculty members (including myself) who work through Spring Break, but something to keep in mind is that this week is break for lots of schools, so there admissions committees are probably not meeting. (I'm waiting on UConn.) Still checking every 10 seconds, but.
  11. As someone who's NYC adjacent, it's definitely important to look into the cost of living in the city when considering the funding packages. It's unbelievably expensive here. Congrats on your acceptances!
  12. I finished a funded MA with a TAship at George Mason a couple of years ago. It was amazing. In hindsight, I think the money is the most important thing. Choose the option that means the least cost to you (including cost of living in addition to tuition, fees, moving expenses). Even though my program was funded and I had a stipend, I still had to take out a crapton (I mean, a crapton) of loans to pay for living expenses. That debt is no joke, and you don't want to start a PhD in a couple years with as much debt as I have!
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