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  1. Hi! I graduated in 2014 as well and have been working in publishing! I’ll be leaving the field to go back to school to teach actually! Feel free to message me to chat more if you’re interested but: i did get a degree in publishing and it was very not worth it! I know for some, getting a certificate in publishing is helpful bc it a) gives you a reason to move to nyc where most pub jobs are and b) gives you connections!! For me it wasn’t worth it— I was already in nyc and had had internships, but it is what it is! publishing is hard to break into, especially editorial, so sometimes you
  2. I’m still on it as well! Just asked for an update and hopefully will have by end of week. The waitlist is organized by interest, so if someone with your interests declines, there could be movement. Good luck xx
  3. Good for you and congrats on UPenn! Can I ask your research interests?
  4. If I were in this situation, I’d let school c know that I have another offer but am still more interested in their program. (If you haven’t done this already). Maybe something to mention when you reach out to ask if you could talk to students/ faculty to get a feel for the program? Good luck!! If anything, you love the program you have funding for so you’re in a pretty good position!
  5. @alexisnj I think you’re still in the game until you’re rejected! Maybe you’re on an internal waitlist?
  6. Was in a similar situation! The school I loved during application season has been so unresponsive (I’m waitlisted too) compared to other schools I’m waitlisted at that it’s made me question if I want to go. The other schools have welcomed, questions, calls, and visits, which have been so helpful and made me feel so welcome. Like one school said, it’s really a reflection of their department and how they operate if they aren’t responsive. How it starts is how it ends. Personally, I’m still trying to get in touch with mine bc is actually like to learn a bit about the dept.. but I also feel like m
  7. I did this at one school and felt it would’ve felt rude to try to participate. Also, at least in my situation, I hadn’t done the reading, so it would’ve been silly for me to slow the class down by asking questions. The prof gave me the book to read while the students broke out into groups, which was nice and we chatted for a min after. I think if they’re ok with you participating, they’ll tell you. Otherwise, default should be just to listen imo.
  8. Thanks for the info on suny! I’ve been wanting to reach out but not sure if it was too soon. PS congrats on your acceptance!
  9. YES CONGRATS! I was hoping it was you when I saw it on the results page 🥳
  10. Idk last year on the board it looks like acceptances at umd went out around now with waitlists and rejects first. There may be hope still!
  11. I’m waitlisted at umd, got an email end of Jan. I don’t think they’ve sent out acceptances though (according to the board)! Someone correct me if I’m wrong though! I wouldn’t count it a IR at this pt though!
  12. Go back a couple pages to page 98– @trytostay linked to a thorough list of questions from another board!!
  13. My sense is that booties/boots with a dress is fine! My biggest tip is to still feel like yourself while dressing biz/cas. I had a few interviews right out of undergrad that I felt so awful in what I wore and a friend who said they wouldn’t wear boots to an interview... honestly it doesn’t matter. I wore booties with a skirt and sweater and got the job. All this to say.. don’t overthink it, be comfortable, don’t totally sacrifice your sense of personality, but better to be a touch overdressed than underdressed.
  14. THANK YOU FOR LINKING! What a hero. Was gonna spend my morning searching for this as well!
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