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  1. I tried to find my notebook with all the questions I had, but I couldn't find it! I started off cold emailing professors in my field, mentioning my interest in their work, told them that I was working on a WS about xxx and that I would love to get their input on sources, and asked which programs and professors would be good to keep on my radar as I continue fielding schools to apply to. Yes, we Skyped and Facetimed which made it way easier to chat! I definitely recommend reaching out to profs in your field!
  2. Hey there! Happy to share some of the helpful tidbits of advice I received throughout this process 😊 Competitiveness - I personally don't have any publications/conferences under my belt but I'm sure another GC'er will be able to speak to this topic. I have been told, however, that applying at least 2-3 weeks before the deadline helps greatly. Not sure how true this is, but at the very least, it ensures all of your paperwork (GRE scores) gets in on time. Apply to at least two funded MAs (I hear Villanova's is great, I personally applied to Purdue's). What drew you in to the
  3. My hands were shaking the whole time, I was so nervous! I even had to rehearse a couple of times with my best friend. I really love the prof and definitely want to work with her in the future so I wanted to make sure my sincerity about staying in contact came through. Time to go take a bath and not think about anything for a week 😫
  4. Just called my favorite professor at UMD College Park to turn down their fully funded Ph.D. offer. This one hurt but I've got my fingers crossed for any GCers out there on the waitlist!!
  5. Turned down funded Ph.D. offer and provost fellowship from CUNY Grad Center! I hope this helps out a GC'er out there!
  6. Declined fully funded offer and additional fellowship at UIUC! Hopefully that helps a GCer out there!!
  7. I took a gap year after my first round of applications (to MAs alone - none of which were even funded Good god) and got into my dream school. It’s a top ten and in the city I was living in at the time and it felt like everything was falling into place. I felt like I’d won the lottery; I spoke to professors, toured campus, bought the obligatory sweatshirt, listened to Heaven is a Place on Earth on a loop, but when it came time for me to take out my loans through FAFSA, I couldn’t do it. I was looking at paying back approximately $130k in loans and interest over the course of thirty years for an
  8. Turned down UC San Diego today! Hope that helps a GCer out there
  9. Does anyone know where to find that list of things to consider/ask faculty and grad students on prospective visits? I've been searching for ages and haven't been able to find it! Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Agreed!! I don't get why people do this. We're all doing our best and trying desperately to make it through the cycle. There's no need to be a jerk.
  11. Begun to make initial offers? Didn't they inform people weeks ago?
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