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  1. Hey all- I have been reading all the posts and grateful for all of your insight. I am not always one to jump in, but I feel totally baffled by this year’s outcome for me and am reaching out into the ether to see if anyone can relate or has any thoughts or advice. I was shutout last year, after getting waitlisted at my top choice (UPenn) and only applying to 6 top 20 PhD programs. I’m a non traditional student w an interdisciplinary BA, early 30s, pretty good stats (4.0 gpa, tuition scholarship at my undergrad, 164 V 6.0 W but like 140 Q after studying for 9 mo lol). This year I applied to 4 top English programs & 2 small interdisciplinary phds plus 2 funded MAs. I asked my POI at penn for feedback and listened to him on everything: wrote a brand new writing sample, sop that was much more focused on a proposed project, edited for months, had 5 strong LORs (including 3 well know/respected scholars)... and I was very lucky to get into a fully funded MA, but other than that, nothing. No waitlists. Nothing from penn. Rejected from a reasonably easy to get into MA (I know nothing is guaranteed, but still!). The project I discussed is pretty interdisciplinary and transhistoric, which may be a factor for the English programs—but, I applied to all interdisciplinary programs (save penn) last year with similar results... so I don’t know what to think. I am daunted thinking about applying again, but also committed to go attend a PhD program. I know the MA might help (and at least will offer community—applying while working in non profits with very little academic support is harrowing on its own). Has anyone applied 3 times? Any sage wisdom from your journeys? I am super excited to start the MA in the fall but as of right now, just feel confused about what I have learned from this process... congrats on your good news (if you have it) and your persistence (if you have to try again) and I hope you are all taking care during this time—
  2. Hey all - What is your practice of citing in your SOP? I'm using quite a bit of quotes and thinkers... is a works cited page totally pretentious? Any help appreciated! Thank you
  3. Hey all! A Q for those that applied again: did you write that it was your second time applying in your SOP? And for programs you applied to a second time, how did you broach it? Thanks !
  4. wow, thanks so much for the helpful suggestions! I am really appreciative. I think I am going to try for a new WS... a professor who wrote a LOR last cycle suggested sitting in on some grad classes in a nearby school so I might try that to get some feedback on writing, although same as you @fortschritt22 it definitely gives me heart palpitations! I did reach out to some profs last year but this is good advice, especially because I was too nervous to ask any questions. It's also nice to hear there are others in a similar boat!
  5. Hey all - I have been a ceaseless lurker on this site. I thought it would end soon, but alas! I just found out that I was SO CLOSE to acceptance at UPenn... but, unfortunately, it didn't work out this year. I am a non traditional applicant.. graduated with a BA in my late twenties and I'm in my early thirties now... feeling really far away from academia and having a hard time getting perspective on my competitiveness/ where to go from here. I do critical theory-- mostly feminist/queer theory, critical race studies and psychoanalysis but I also like poetics and have a creative writing practice outside of my academic interests (poetry and playwriting). I am reaching out to see if: 1. anyone who got into their top choices might feel up for private messaging me / maybe sharing some of your app materials / where you think you went right! 2. any ideas for increasing competitiveness in a year? I am currently freelancing for work as I didn't want to commit to anything long-term. So, I am pretty flexible in what I do next but am very broke from this whole endeavor so need to do something! 3. I applied to ivys and ivy -adjacents this year due to funding and job prospects (plus livability as my partner and our many pets are coming with me when I relocate!)-- I think I have program research overwhelm and it would be great to hear what programs were/are on your radar if you have similar interests and need similar funding! I'm open to funded MFAs and MAs at this point, but am ultimately hoping for acceptance into a PhD program... currently on my list: (English:) UPenn, Johns Hopkins, Rutgers, Princeton, maybe NYU, Penn State, & WGS: University of Arizona. 4. ALSO! Any folks write a new writing sample when you were out of school? How did you access academic texts? Did professors you know help you? I think writing a new one would behove me (especially in the second time around applications) but feel like without the structure of an academic environment, I am afraid I am going to write something weird and not academic. Thoughts? Thanks so much for reading and congrats to all those going to your dream programs this fall!
  6. hi! I'm also waitlisted at Penn-- prof Eng emailed me too! UAGHH I hope the wait is quick!
  7. Hi all! Long time lurker— so no one has heard from Rutgers WGS yet (phd a/r)? I’m anxious to hear but didn’t get an interview request so not sure if im holding false hope!
  8. Woo! THank you @thismortalcoil and @sad_diamond! Congrats and have a good visit!
  9. Thanks for responding @thismortalcoil! My fingers are v crossed for swift movement (& I do feminist /queer /psychoanalytic theory just in case there are other critical theory folks looking at this!)
  10. Hey all- Congrats on all the acceptances I just got waitlisted at UPenn (my first choice /dream program) and was wondering if any of you admits might be turning down your offers? Trying to gauge possiblities. Also understand if it’s too soon to tell. Sending luck & well wishes to all waiting —
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