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  1. hi! I'm also waitlisted at Penn-- prof Eng emailed me too! UAGHH I hope the wait is quick!
  2. 012345

    American Studies Fall 2019??

    I hope it’s not so!
  3. Hi all! Long time lurker— so no one has heard from Rutgers WGS yet (phd a/r)? I’m anxious to hear but didn’t get an interview request so not sure if im holding false hope!
  4. 012345

    2019 Acceptances

    Woo! THank you @thismortalcoil and @sad_diamond! Congrats and have a good visit!
  5. 012345

    2019 Acceptances

    Thanks for responding @thismortalcoil! My fingers are v crossed for swift movement (& I do feminist /queer /psychoanalytic theory just in case there are other critical theory folks looking at this!)
  6. 012345

    2019 Acceptances

    Hey all- Congrats on all the acceptances I just got waitlisted at UPenn (my first choice /dream program) and was wondering if any of you admits might be turning down your offers? Trying to gauge possiblities. Also understand if it’s too soon to tell. Sending luck & well wishes to all waiting —

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