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  1. Hello, everyone! I'm writing to wish you all the best of luck this application cycle! I'm happy to answer any questions via the forum or pm about my current program and the application process in general.
  2. I heard that they’ll be updating the portals very soon. My acceptance came via the portal and then I received an email from a faculty member. Also, the event was awesome. Had one-on-ones with faculty and met many grad students. My experience def. didn't come across as an interview. With the faculty I met, it was more of an opportunity for me to ask them questions about the program.
  3. In at Northeastern! I was one of the people who attended the pre-admission welcome event.
  4. I can't stand the health insurance calls...Calling from all the states in which I applied to programs!
  5. I haven't yet...My guess is that they're still figuring out funding.
  6. @dangermouse LOL yea I did! I guess all bets are off as far as work hours are concerned.
  7. In at UNC Chapel Hill! Received a nice, very personalized email from the DGS. Look out for those acceptances if you applied!
  8. Question! Have any of you been able to negotiate your funding offers? If so, how did you go about doing this?
  9. @trytostay Thanks! It still feels surreal. And congrats on your acceptances as well. Like everyone on this forum, we do everything we can to prepare for these app cycles, and there's never any knowing how it they will turn out.
  10. Hey all... Just received a phone call from the DGS at U of Delaware! I've been admitted, and it seems they're sending out their acceptances today. It's been quite the cycle for me. 9a/3r/many more pending
  11. They're joking and gaming with these imaginary deadlines we've given them.
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