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  1. It’s a mix. You’ll be fine in whatever you wear, as long as it isn’t sweats or an evening gown.
  2. trytostay

    2019 Acceptances

    Ignore this sorry wrong thread
  3. I think NYU is a phenomenal program. I mean, I’m obviously heavily considered getting my PhD there! I think it’s very competitive and selective. However, the fact of the matter is I’m just not convinced an unfunded MA from anywhere is worth it. I think NYU’s MA would be moreso worth it than, say, Chicago’s MAPH, because at least it’s an MA in English. But I think the general idea is that an MA from a prestigious program will make you a better PhD applicant and I just don’t agree with that. I think taking another year, or even another two years, to do independent research and refine your interests and scholarship is more helpful. I don’t personally think people are getting turned down from places because they don’t have their MA. I think people are getting turned down because they didn’t do proper research into “fit,” they haven’t sold themselves as strong PhD candidates, or other bonkers and random and subjective reasons we’ll never be able to come up with. With that said, I don’t think getting an MA would solve any of those things. This field is not worth going into debt over. There are too many uncertainties and there is no stability for anyone. If you’ve been offered a spot in NYU’s MA, I think you can take that as a sign that you’re on the right path, you might just need some extra time to figure things out. And that’s okay! But don’t confuse that with thinking you aren’t good enough and you need to go five figures in debt to make yourself better. That’s just not true and I feel angry that so many institutions are banking on young applicants feeling this way.
  4. trytostay

    Campus visit thoughts?

    All the wine is making me tired. Also my cheeks hurt from smiling. Also I’ve had the same conversation 200 different times. By the second day of the visit it was starting to feel a little repetitive. Everyone has been really nice and I’m sure they’re feeling just as tired/overwhelmed/excited/stressed/happy as I am, though. There’s a strange sense of solidarity in all this craziness. I’ve only had one visit but I’m 99% sure it’s my top choice. Going to try my best and keep an open mind for the remaining visits! I’m really overwhelmed by this whole process and just hoping that doesn’t translate to me looking like an asshole when I need to skip an event or take some time to myself, lol.
  5. trytostay

    Campus Visits

    Those pre-visit nerves right before you get onto the campus are #real
  6. trytostay

    2019 Applicants

    I got a 30k scholarship to the MAPH program. It felt good filling out the rejection survey. Just a reminder to never allow someone to make you doubt your own worth! Sorry if that sounded preachy I am just ~~** emotional **~~
  7. trytostay

    2019 Applicants

    Not officially buuuuut I got a phone call with some preliminary good news
  8. trytostay

    2019 Applicants

    Does anyone know if Columbia’s offer comes with waived health insurance?
  9. There’s a lot of UC’s and they vary in terms of competitiveness, funding, and focuses! Almost all of their websites will have information on this.
  10. trytostay

    Turned Down Offers Thread

    Is anyone admitted to Columbia considering/leaning towards another program? Feel free to PM me if you don't want to discuss it here! I'm just curious.
  11. Eighteenth-century and I have an offer. I’m currently leaning towards a different program but I can’t say 100% until all my visits are complete, which will be April 4th! I’m trying to make a decision as quickly as I can for the sake of those on the waitlists!
  12. trytostay

    2019 Applicants

    I don’t know what you should do either, but I wouldn’t worry about that right this moment. I’d take a week or so to let it all process and come to terms with everything. It’s so amazing you’re recognizing your worth and value! Hold onto that and don’t be swayed by whatever comes in the next few months. The best advice I ever got was: “Goals, not plans.” Your goal is to go to grad school, and how you accomplish that will shift and change as time goes on. I’m sorry again that you’re dealing with this. Feel free to PM me if you need someone to bounce ideas off of or just to vent to!!
  13. trytostay

    2019 Applicants

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this and having to deal with these feelings. It is in no way a reflection of your work or you as a scholar. This process is absolutely bonkers and random. Are you considering re-applying for the 2020 cycle? I think you should. If your letter writers are shocked, it means they expected differently for you, and you’re a strong applicant who has faculty support.
  14. trytostay

    Coping Reads

    Whenever someone asks me why I like to study the eighteenth-century, I just tell them to read Haywood’s Fantomina, or: Love in a Maze. It’s a perfect example of the bizarre social customs that those in the eighteenth-century followed through and through, even in their most immoral actions. The eighteenth-century was WEIRD, ya’ll. I am convinced someone needs to adapt it for a film or something. It is quite humorous, however it has some dark themes as well. (TW: rape.) In my subfield this is a very common text, so I’m not sure if others have read this, but it was what really got me invested in c18.
  15. trytostay

    Turned Down Offers Thread

    Declined offer from Rutgers

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