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  1. Currently at Columbia. Can confirm: very livable. I'm not living in luxury or anything, but a few days out of the month spent babysitting for some side cash and I'd say I'm perfectly comfortable.
  2. CU Boulder, UVA, Rutgers, and UCLA are departments that have strong reputations for specifically 18th-century British.
  3. No, I personally would say that schools and applicants do not have the same idea of "fit." Applicants are picking based on more than academic interests, including where they want to live, the type of people they want to socialize with, the type of environment they want to work in, the type of career they want to have afterwards, how much the program can pay them... For the committees, it's purely academic, but also random as hell. Decisions aren't made on who is the "smartest" or "best," but rather who's on the committee that year, who took too many students last year, who hasn't taken student
  4. Just putting it out there that I’m available to answer questions anyone might have, having gone through the process just a few months ago. Feel free to PM me. My notifications for PM’s are on. Good luck to everyone—it’s an exciting time!
  5. I literally scored in the twentieth percentile for quant. It’s probably the least important part of your application. I wouldn’t even consider it part of your application, but you do have to submit it as part of your test scores.
  6. First of all: you should absolutely be excited! This is amazing. There are other things to consider though. If the costs are low, I say go for it. I do mean really low. I wouldn’t spend more than $150 on it. This will not only look good on your CV, but this is also something you can talk about in your SOP. I mentioned that I attended a conference when I was an undergrad (didn’t even read my work at one, literally just sat in the audience lol) and I was told it demonstrated dedication, maturity, and a sense of preparedness. But it wasn’t some huge defining part of my application—just
  7. I'm probably going to sign off on GradCafe for the foreseeable future! This place was incredibly helpful to me throughout this process, but I think I'm going to dedicate the rest of spring/summer to just reading, relaxing, and trying to prepare myself for the next 6+ years. (Also I should start learning French.) I do plan to check back in periodically (plus I'm sure I'll have questions or see a discussion I'd like to chime in on), but if any future applicants look back through this thread and have questions about applications/programs/etc, feel free to PM me! Hopefully I will check in fre
  8. To anyone on NYU's waitlist: I've heard that a greater number of students accepted their initial offer than expected, so they likely won't be using the waitlist. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about that, given the approaching deadline and the need to make final decisions.
  9. That’s awesome! I know they only had an incoming class of FIVE (!!!) this year. Wowza.
  10. For me, having that full year off was crucial. I didn't feel rushed in getting my materials together, and was able to dedicate much of the fall/early winter to nothing but my application. I don't think I would've had as strong of an application if I had attempted to rush it, or if my attention was hindered by school work. Also, it was an incredibly peaceful year of self reflection. Having time away from school allowed me to reflect on what it truly was that I wanted to study, and reaffirmed to me that going back to school was the right decision.
  11. I currently live in NYC! Whenever someone talks to me about the cost of NYC, I always like to point out that it's the most populous city in America for a reason! Millions of people live here every day, and not all of them are making above 50k. It's VERY possible to live here. The difference between NYC and other cities is that your primary expense will be rent and you will almost assuredly not have the luxury of living alone. However, it isn't this completely unlivable place. It simply requires you to adjust your way of life if you want to reside here: living with roommates, having a long
  12. @FiguresIII congratulations! What an exciting time
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