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  1. Hi friends. Hope everyone is eating some chocolate and practicing some death yoga to destress during the coronavirus chaos! I've searched for over an hour on the forums trying to find a post I saw much earlier on in this year's app cycle (back in November, I want to say) with a sample email somebody had whipped up for someone else looking to decline their spot on a waitlist. I'm going to be contacting two of my waitlist schools soon to ask to be taken off the waitlist (out of courtesy to those students who may also be on the list). Can anyone remember where that sample language was for how to word this respectfully, or offer any advice on wording? Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. I had such an amazing time during my visit! Everyone I met was so warm and welcoming, and I so enjoyed getting to know the students who attended meals with us, shepherded us to and fro, and let us sit in on their seminars.
  3. Went to an absolutely lovely visiting weekend at WashU in St. Louis a few weeks ago and was so looking forward to my Rutgers visit... Like most others this late in the game, the Rutgers open house has been cancelled. I'm crushed because after deciding UC Davis wasn't for me, I'm really deciding between WashU and Rutgers... I was really thinking Rutgers was the program for me, and wanted the visit as an opportunity to confirm that... to feel how it feels to be on campus, and to really begin picturing myself there. Now I feel robbed of that opportunity, and the decision feels infinitely harder. How on earth am I supposed to give both programs equal consideration when one school was able to roll out the proverbial red carpet for me and the other school is now scrambling to set up skype interviews? At the risk of sounding whiny and/or ungrateful, it just feels so unfair! I'm of course so thankful that I'm currently safe and healthy, and so are my loved ones, but... We've worked so hard to get to the point when we can celebrate our acceptances at these visiting days, and now because of all of this chaos we don't even get to enjoy it! I know I'm probably preaching to the choir...
  4. Thank you for this insight, @Regimentations ! I've heard these same sentiments about WashU echoed elsewhere from other mentors/folx I trust... This is going to be a tough decision, for sure!
  5. Wow!! I join the other lucky folx who have heard good news from Rutgers!!! One of my top programs and the email could not have been any lovelier! So personalized and thoughtful... I teared up a little bit reading it tbh. :') I suspect I got emailed instead of called because it's a Saturday, but we're setting up a time to chat on the phone soon! After a string of rejections (six in a row, oof), what a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Hearty congratulations to my fellow Rutgers peeps!
  6. Got an email acceptance from the DGS at UC Davis yesterday! Details still pending but I’m so thrilled Congratulations, @StormChild @ecogoth @Indecisive Poet @Cryss !!!
  7. Yes, absolutely! I'm going to make every effort to be there.
  8. Oh my goodness!!! I just got a phone call from WashU, too! My first acceptance... I'm over here ugly-crying. Congratulations to you! Who knows - maybe we'll be future cohorts! Now off to update my signature! haha
  9. Here's to hoping your season's news only gets better and better from here onward!
  10. Re: WashU - Just received a friendly but neutral email encouraging me to apply for the Chancellor's Fellowship (didn't think I was eligible)... Said they had "read my application with interest" but as of yet have not made any decisions. The email was signed off with "best wishes, and you'll hear more from us in the coming weeks." Hopefully that helps piece the puzzle together a little clearer? Seems like we've got a bit more waiting... but soon!
  11. Congratulations, @Rrandle101 and @pinkfruit !!! I'm sure it's so exciting to hear news (even if it's just on the portal) so early on!
  12. Oh, wow, that's... terrifying? 😮 Super glad I don't have to see that on any of my app portals - that would seriously set me on edge!
  13. Thank you so much for responding! This really sets my mind at ease. Congrats on getting all your apps in! Sending good vibes re: your letter submissions. ❤️
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