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  1. For @bethisbetter, @Lblack, and others in limbo: I finally did get a response from UCR that said they’d made notifications to their acceptances and “made notifications to others of their place on the waitlist.” An unofficial official rejection for me. I got the check mark I wanted. Now to move on!
  2. I'd wager it's because someone's president went on TV and made a buffoon of the rest of us globally, again. Fingers crossed for you in terms of coordinating. I don't envy you that part of these visits.
  3. I initially emailed the original contact person we were told on the application to contact (her name escapes me currently), but I sent a follow up email to Zieger as well. Neither have responded. And my annoyance with the silent/invisible waitlist is not just specific to UCR. Perhaps I don't have context for the behind the scenes mechanics of it, but if someone were on a waitlist (and I am not laboring under this delusion/impression for myself), wouldn't it be better to notify them so that they may have additional planning time to consider your program versus not telling them?
  4. It doesn’t. I’d prefer just to have had my rejection weeks ago instead of being strung along, especially not to receive *any* information, even a bland non-reply to the email I sent asking about a timeline about when we maybe might hear back officially. Schools shouldn’t be sitting on applications when there is a scheduled visit that no one else purportedly knows about or is invited to. If I weren’t on GC, I’d have no idea that acceptances were even out or that those students were a week out from their visit. It’s just not good business, imo. Edit: should have said, I’m not mad—just frust
  5. Let me know if they respond! I sent an email about two weeks ago that has yet to receive a response.
  6. Okay, but seriously: acceptances to UCR went out 31 January. Here it is 26 February, and the rest of us are just... still waiting for an official rejection. Is it just UCs that seem to have this problem? I remember waiting a very, very long time to get officially rejected by Berkeley (lol) last year.
  7. And *I* have to ask, were they wrong?? If it makes you feel any better, last week I graded a draft that indicated Tennessee Williams was "the best African American play writer[sic] in American history." (Which reminds me of an apocryphal story about someone from my undergrad cohort who, apparently, wrote an entire paper on Emily Dickinson while laboring under the misunderstanding of her being a Black poet.)
  8. It might be silly, but maybe you’ll have a more defined moment of clarity when all your decisions are in? Right now you’re still sort of in limbo in a strange way. The acceptances you have don’t feel “real” in until you can put a check or an x next to *all* the ones in your list.
  9. It certainly seems that way! I might send you a PM when I feel up to really thinking about it. I promised myself I’d only do two cycles and then move on for the sake of my mental health and all-around pragmatism.
  10. And with that, my season closes. After two cycles of shut outs, I want to be very grown up and mature about all this (like I said I was going to be). But I am just so sad.
  11. Okay, but are you as excited about this A24/BRON adaptation of Sir Gawain and The Green Knight—with DEV PATEL!!! as Gawain—as I am???
  12. Completely out of reacts because y'all are all so marvelous: congrats to *everyone* and fingers crossed for everyone else!
  13. Nope. I have three schools remaining to hear from: one is an implied rejection, one is a huge stretch, and one I just don't know. This is my second cycle. I've spent a lot of time discussing with my best friend and partner about what it would mean to be shut out a second time and what that would mean moving forward. I feel good with my life where it is now, even if I don't get in, given my career and my current career prospects. It will suck to move on from "the dream," but we don't always get to choose our paths.
  14. Should feel grateful in some small way as Davis’ rejection letters are notoriously rude af.
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