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  1. I am fairly familiar with those, but probably not as familiar with Berlant as I could be. Thanks!
  2. Howdy all! I'm jumping into this cycle after being shut out last cycle, so you may have seen me around last year. I've spent about five years on the fringes of academia (the most fringiest, as I've been teaching high school English). I've tried to stay on top of what's been going on and I've attended MLA a few times, however I feel woefully under-read going into this cycle. My undergrad program was great, but most of the work I did was in early modern lit and hermeneutics. Does anyone have any recommendations for texts I should be reading and/or recent works in queer studies? I'm particularly interested in homosocial relationships within the structure(s) of contemporary lit and media (e.g. 20/21 c), particularly in science fiction and other genre works. Thanks in advance!
  3. I’m out of reacts, but tbh SAME. At least I can put Berkeley in red in my obsessive spreadsheet and officially move on.
  4. I hear ya; the English department's grad advisor was the one who stated that final notifications wouldn't be sent out until April. This was back in February, so they seem to have already have planned not to notify until the end of the process.
  5. When I emailed weeks ago they made it fairly clear they wouldn't send out the rest of their official notifications until April. Other people on the forum have made clear that Berkeley isn't going to extend any other offers or waitlists, so I just assumed it meant a giant middle finger to their rejects pile. It really soured me on Berkeley in general. I mean, they've already had their accepted students weekend/visit; what purpose does it serve to delay rejections this long?
  6. @illcounsel Congratulations and good luck!
  7. Can we, for the briefest of moments, reflect on the fact that Berkeley’s accepted students weekend is next weekend and they’ve yet to send out rejections? I’m under absolutely no delusion about my status with them, but it’s just rude.
  8. I also received the same offer for Chicago’s MAPH but with a $30k scholarship—and I thought *that* was ridiculous when I scrolled to see the tuition is $60k (just the tuition!!). When half of your offer letter is how to pay for your program, you have to realize that what you’re doing is completely out of touch with reality. Who fills these program slots, and how are they perceived when/if they apply to PhD programs?
  9. I left off mentioning the graduate-level classes I’ve taken since undergrad because I thought they weren’t relevant since they were education-focused. See also neglecting to mention the number of grants I’ve written and been awarded funding for over the last five years. I realize now this was incredibly dumb. So dumb. The dumbest. Don’t do this. I should have considered fit with a more flexible definition and really focused on programs that had more faculty doing work I’m interested in doing instead of trying to make it work. I feel like I did *a lot* of research into programs, but from lurking here for a while and now posting it’s super clear there are programs I didn’t apply to that are a much better fit than some of the ones I applied to this cycle. So maybe a good thing I didn’t get accepted those places. I should have reached out to more POI, anxiety about looking like an idiot be damned. I should have allowed my closest friends and family be more supportive during this process instead of obsessively hoarding any and all information about the whole thing as a way to stave off eventual and expected embarrassment. It really was not that serious, Jaremi.
  10. Chiming in as a 30+ year old whose fire is still burning (my freshmen just finished reading The Road, so I’m ~feeling this fire motif today). Sometimes life takes you down a different path than you intended, but the journey is just as meaningful even if you jumped in right away, I think. There’s a lot of life to be lived. Not much has changed about what I’m interested in, but in my years since undergrad I’ve had some time to develop a few different perspective on my interests and the relationships between them. It’s been good for me, and I hope whatever happens for you either way is good for you, too.
  11. There were some posted to the board during the first week in February, then additional ones came through 7-10 days later. No one has posted about a waitlist or rejection, but that's fairly typical if you check the board for previous years' notification dates. ETA: I just thought the phrasing was kind of strange, honestly. It's one of the better non-answers I've seen in a while.
  12. I emailed Berkeley last week asking 1) if it would be appropriate that anyone who hasn't received an acceptance should consider themselves waitlisted and/or rejected, and 2) if there was a more clear timeline of when applicants should expect to receive official notification. The response I got today stated that yes, they "have begun to make [their] initial offers of admission" and that final notifications will go out in April. Make of that what you will!
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