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  1. Oh I didn't know that. Makes me feel slightly better. And 21st c, specifically horror/thriller, and gender studies. So. Not the most conventional or marketable, which I recognize haha.
  2. @Lblack @vondafkossum I guess that means we could be on an unofficial waitlist? But could still mean we’re just flat out rejections, too. To be fair, there are several programs that have done a poor job at updating applicants which just makes this whole situation even more frustrating. This is my second cycle of applying and I’m looking at a shut out again and it just sucks. But I know a lot of people are in this situation with me. And @Lblack I appreciate that sliver of hope because I shouldn’t give up just yet, even if my exhausted mind is telling me to. Edit: I guess that also gives us an unofficial timeline? Probably won’t hear back until after the visits, so that’s good to know!
  3. In a complete state of delirium and desperation, I emailed UCR last night asking for them to rip off the bandaid already (in the nicest way possible, of course) so I'll let y'all know if I hear anything. The drawn out rejection is just pure torture.
  4. Ah the GRE makes sense, I hadn't even thought of that. Yeah, the job market isn't particularly worse this year so I didn't really understand. Interesting.
  5. Does anyone have any theories or thoughts about why there's bigger applicant pool this cycle? Just curious.
  6. Got emails from two different programs yesterday........that were wishing me a happy birthday lol the disappointment outweighed the thoughtfulness of the gesture 😂
  7. @sad_diamond @merry night wanderer @Bopie5 @Glasperlenspieler ahhh thank you so much!!! I hadn't even considered doing half of this so I really appreciate it! i've been freaking out about how much time is left (or lack thereof) but breaking everything down to three months doesn't seem too overwhelming so I'm gunna give that a go. Seriously, thanks so much y'all.
  8. If you don't mind me asking, how are you going about creating an overview of the field? I'm thinking I should do this as well but the process seems so daunting 😅
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