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  1. 2018 Acceptances

    Get it, son!!!
  2. 2018 Blooper Real*

    He should be! In addition to building the spreadsheet, doing research, and helping him draft his SOP, you're also his PR apparatus! That's certainly cause for a joint PhD. Just to get the ball rolling, here's my shitty attempt at a mnemonic: "Eminem was an eminent rap artist of the early 2000s"; "mankind is immanent, while deities are transcendent" (we'll ignore that fatuously reductive statement for a moment...); and "the danger of mines is that some are in imminent threat of collapse." Carly, if you think that's bad, this was an actual footnote in a rough draft of one of my writing samples: "If we pay attention to the characters not necessarily as characters but as pseudo-pluralistic actors in a homogeneous semantic-linguistic space, we may be able to better analyze the “associative clusters” around which Naked Lunch’s ontology manifests itself." Thankfully, I got over my "must-sound-impressive" phase and replaced that sentence with something that actually approaches meaning and not simply bombast. But still ... yikes.
  3. 2018 Blooper Real*

    @punctilious, you better make sure that hubby devotes a good amount of space to you in the acknowledgements section of his dissertation, especially if he ends up at Maryland!
  4. Some grains of salt notwithstanding, I tend to accept the data as given. I don't see much of a reason to lie about application stats anonymously. I guess one could do it for the purposes of self-validation, but that'd be some grade-A delusion. At any rate, none of it is dispositive or predictive since each applicant's case is different. But it's still good for passing the time! I also agree that there's room for unintentional error. But those are probably skewed more toward exceptional cases, like the ones you mentioned.
  5. Let's Distract Ourselves!

    Fair enough, I won't disagree. And hey, taxes are important. So is allowing corporations to raise gigantic space armies and occupy peaceful planets. Because GOVERNMENT!
  6. Let's Distract Ourselves!

    Aaah, @mk-8, I have to disagree. I don't think any of the characters are interesting! Qui-Gonn is stoic and not much else; Obi-Wan has like 10 lines; the Federation aliens' mouths don't match their speech; Queen Amidala is emotionless; Queen Natalie Portman is a yawn; Palpatine is okay-ish (only because Ian McDiarmid is a gifted actor); Maul has 2 lines; and ... I think those are all of the characters (yeah, yeah, there's the Jedi Council, but they don't do anything of note except navel gaze). And what else is there to say about Anakin, our would-be protagonist, that's not included in the video below? (Also, corrupting a thread with Star Wars analysis is a mainstay of the Internet, and also, that sucks about your transcripts frickin' thing!!) N.B. I forgot to mention Jar Jar, probably because my brain would like to preserve the few cells that weren't already destroyed by freshman year or Jameson. But he's probably got the most panache out of all the so-called characters. Says a lot!
  7. For the model's sake, we must assume they're all accurate!!!! Why would random people on the Internet inflate statistics about their lives???
  8. Let's Distract Ourselves!

    @punctilious Indeed, the very same!
  9. Let's Distract Ourselves!

    @Crow T. Robot, I agree that RotS isn't a complete letdown; it probably has the most potential of the three. I recently tried to watch TPM, however, and I couldn't finish it. The pacing is so horrifically bad that by the time our protagonist shows up, I have no interest left. I think you're right that perhaps there is something to the "small-kid-in-a-big-universe" dynamic, but the kid's lines are so cringe-inducingly vapid that, again, I'm taken right out of the drama. AotC is the worst, but because it's the worst, it's also the best. So, in my book, TPM is the actual worst. Richard Brody, of The New Yorker, has an interesting take on how the prequels fit in George Lucas's aesthetic. His is analysis is very ... how do I say ... Richard Brodian, so take it with a grain of salt. But still worth a read:
  10. I've consulted my childhood Magic 8 Ball; its conclusion is as follows: OUTCOME IS UNCERTAIN ...fuck
  11. 2018 Acceptances

    Congrats to the Duke acceptance!!!
  12. Let's Distract Ourselves!

    I'm out, too, and I was going to upvote your video. We'll call it even!
  13. Let's Distract Ourselves!

    @punctilious, as it would happen, Uncle Owen was fluent enough in Tatooinian youth culture to know that "power converters" is slang for "cheap hookers." He just didn't want Luke mixing with the wrong crowd! You do that, after all, and you'll be dead!
  14. Let's Distract Ourselves!

    So are you ready for Darth Binks in Episode 9?
  15. Let's Distract Ourselves!

    It's something that a true Star Wars fan has to do every few years. It's the kind of cleansing that Aristotle's talking about in the Poetics. And you're telling me that the sand quote (dare I say, pick-up line?) wouldn't work in the real world? Maybe I need to get my dating advice elsewhere?!