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  1. Wow, that's incredible! I hope this becomes a major nail in what is unfortunately a very large coffin! #proud
  2. Will be in Paris till September -- if you need me, go to the nearest boulangerie

  3. @klader's advice about visiting is spot-on. My second visit totally blew me away, so much so, in fact, that my decision to accept their offer was nearly effortless ... almost even fatalistic! So, at least in my case, visiting made all the difference! Even if you can't afford much time, however, an impromptu day trip (which, by the way, one school organized for me on their dime -- ask if they can chip in!) will give you the chance to learn from your own two eyes (and ears). You intuit much more in person about a campus's way of life and a program's flow than you can by researching on the Intern
  4. Hi, @topsailpsych! I'm coming from the English lit. forum, so my advice may very well be completely irrelevant. I'd hope psychology programs would have extra reason to be skeptical about dubious standardized tests like the GRE, but, hey, maybe they love it. I don't know. Regardless, my application experience might help you decide whether to spend more time and money on a second pass. I applied last cycle to 16 mostly top-ranked PhD programs, and got accepted to 3 of them. My GRE scores were fairly high: 167V/163Q/6.0A / 730 (97%) LGRE. According to ETS's chart (https://www.ets.org/s
  5. I completely agree with both of the above sentiments. All of our suggestions here bear a tacit YMMV caveat. If OP determines in their cost-benefit analysis that applying to five programs makes the most sense, then five is the magic number! Alternatively, if they want to hedge their bets and apply to 15, then 15 is the magic number! Here's the catch: I was initially hesitant to remark that "you're accepted to 0% of the programs to which you don't apply" because such a trivialism ignores the significant opportunity cost (time and money) involved in adding more schools to the list. I was lucky en
  6. Welcome, @Rebecca Chueng! I can't speak for British schools, but American universities tend not to expect research experience from English-literature applicants who hold only an undergraduate degree. If you have an MA, on the other hand, it's likely that departments will want to see that you've begun to flesh out a unique research idea, or at least an insightful expansion to some pre-existing work. Most MA applicants here seem to include parts of their thesis in their writing sample, especially if they hope to build off the same topic during the PhD. Correct me if I'm wrong, but fro
  7. Welcome, @CatBowl! I wanted to echo the many good suggestions here and, in particular, add my 2¢ about the number of applications you plan to submit. I, like @Warelin, applied to 16 schools. The cost of app fees, GRE, and GRE prep came out to ~ $2300. I had a job then, but it was about a month's pay (actually two month's after my student-loan bills), so the cost was not one I bore lightly. To put this amount in perspective, I was accepted to 3 out of 16 universities -- a 19% success rate -- even with having >95% GRE percentiles, SoPs that I fine tuned for about six months, letters fro
  8. Seconded! Everyone here is fantastic, and I thank you all for helping me through the last five (!) months! Being alone in this would've been less than great. And I truly hope to meet some of you at conferences in the future! First round's on me!
  9. My preparation currently consists of reading Les mots et les choses and watching old Pauly Shore videos. Gonna be totally tubular brah. And congrats on Clemson, @Wabbajack!!!
  10. Very happy to report that I signed my soul over to Stanford last week! Now to learn how to surf...
  11. "Unpredictable" is exactly apropos. My last acceptance was 25 days ago! Since then, I've gotten 13 rejections, which comes out to almost .5 per day. So February has been, at different times, one of the most joyous yet also consistently disappointing months of my life! It's been strange, to say the least, and I still haven't finished processing all the thoughts and emotions. But now comes the time for visits, and I'm happy as a clam! Be careful with the Yalies, though. I hear they fight dirty.
  12. Rejected at Harvard! I suppose I'll never get the satisfaction of pummeling a Yalie. Oh well. 3 acceptances and 13 rejections is the final tally! It's been a wild ride, folks, but I'm glad to have gone through it with you all!
  13. Super late congrats, @automatic! Killin' it all day, 'er day!!!
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