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  1. We're less than two weeks out from Berkeley decisions, if they're following the release days from previous years!
  2. Circling back to see if anybody has heard anything from any Ethnic Studies programs? I know I shouldn't be waiting to hear until mid-January at the earliest, but I'm just a whole ball of anxiety right now!
  3. It's program-specific, usually. Checking the admissions website for the program or graduate division you're looking at will usually give you a heads up on whether they require official or unofficial transcripts. In my experience, most programs will ask for an unofficial transcript and then only an official one once an offer of admission has been made. You should default to unofficial, since official transcripts are often encrypted if they're electronic, and some schools may not be able to open them right away.
  4. If anything, I doubt they would completely suspend admissions, but rather move things online if necessary. Doesn't seem too farfetched, since every program I've looked at dedicates the first two years to MA-like coursework anyway.
  5. What's everyone looking to specialize in? Would love to get an idea of some folks' projects if they're willing to share!
  6. For MAs you're likely going to hear back a little bit earlier than some PhD programs, and a quick glance at the results search here on the GradCafe can help out a lot. From what I'm seeing, generally around February/March is when these programs tend to send out their acceptances. The exception on your list looks to be Nebraska, which looks like they're sending out notifications as early as January. In any case, you don't have very long to wait! We're all anxious and I am here in solidarity with you, friend.
  7. Not sure if I can help you with the MACS at Bothell, but I recently completed my MAIS (International Studies) in Southeast Asian Studies at UW-Seattle! I did an English bachelors and I’m going for American Studies/Ethnic Studies/History at the PhD level, but I focus a lot on literature, so I’d be happy to answer any questions about the UW-Seattle MA!
  8. I saw an American Studies post but didn't see anything about Ethnic Studies, which I think constitutes a slightly different discipline. I've submitted applications to UCSD and UC Berkeley for Ethnic Studies, intending to focus on the Philippines and Filipino America. Specifically, I look at the evolution of Philippine folklore and mythology and the ways it intersects with Philippine experiences of colonialism. Where's everyone else applying?
  9. Today I've submitted my applications to Michigan for American Culture and Hawaii for American Studies! My research areas are focusing on the Philippines and Filipino America, specifically the function of folk creatures in the Philippine diaspora. Anybody else applying to these programs?
  10. Just submitted my applications to the University of Washington and the University of Michigan for History PhDs. Anybody else looking at these programs?
  11. Hello! Anybody else attending UW this fall? I'll be entering as an MA student at the Jackson School of International Studies for an MAIS in Southeast Asian Studies. Would love to hear about other folks' research interests and why they chose UW
  12. @Amemira congratulations on Stanford! That's huge! On another note, has anybody heard (positively, negatively, or otherwise) from UCLA Asian American Studies MA? I've received notification that I was on the wait list after emailing them about the status of my application, and was wondering if anybody here who's applied has heard any news. Of the programs I'm currently considering, it's my top choice, especially because they usually have a decent record of funding their MA students. Also, some good news for me, I was accepted to the University of Washington for their M.A. in Southeast
  13. Rejected from UCSD Ethnic Studies. Congratulations to everyone who was accepted
  14. I don't want to be a bearer of bad news, but I applied for the NYU English PhD last year, and by this point they'd already sent decisions. I got notification of my referral and then acceptance into the English MA in mid-February, meaning they'd already decided on the PhD candidates.
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