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  1. Graceful Transitions?

    Thanks for your response @maengret! I think I already have short-timer's syndrome, in addition to a very serious addiction to GC. For reasons I won't get into, the job must stay the same and they can't really afford to have the position vacant for very long. Because I'm in a two person unit, there's nobody else to stick else with the work. So my decision to follow my dreams is essentially handing my supervisor a pile of manure. You make an excellent point about talking with my boss about how I've thought about the transition. I'm planning on writing training/process guides for most of my duties before I approach her. That way the new hire won't be lost when he/she/them arrives. Hi @EspritHabile! Thanks for your thoughtful commentary. The transition already feels VERY real. You might say I feel a little too liberated. Of course, I'm still doing my best, but it's harder and harder to pretend be emotionally satisfied with my work. You're right about the unpredictability. That's what I'm most nervous about. I have a great, respectful relationship with my boss. I'm afraid that she'll feel betrayed, but I also want to leave having given her as much notice as possible. I might have to suffer for a few weeks, but my conscience will delight in its weightlessness! I looked back through my notes from when I started the position. Based on when I had my first interview to my start date, it actually took them two months to hire me, plus there was a short amount of advertising time as well (about two weeks, I think, and they continued to advertise the position until I signed my offer letter). So I'm feeling bad about only giving four weeks, because it won't be enough. I'm very seriously considering 6 weeks now-- eight is probably a terrible, terrible idea, but 6 weeks might be okay. Thanks again for all of your thoughts! @JustPoesieAlong I totally get it. I certainly haven't been stressing about work like I did in the past! How liberating!
  2. Is anyone else still waiting on a rejection from Notre Dame? I STILL haven't heard anything. At this point, I just want to know that they read my application and that I didn't waste $70.00 or whatever the cost was.
  3. Maybe there isn't one for you! On separate note, I'm waiting on UC Riverside too!
  4. Those UC Davis rejections are brutal. My heart hurts for those who received those letters. Totally unnecessary! Y'all are better off at a school with a little more tact, and someone else will value you research and academic achievements <3
  5. 2018 Acceptances

    Good luck on funding, @katie64! Fingers crossed for you! @punctilious OH MY GOODNESS! CONGRATS! THIS IS SO EXCITING! @reneaI'm so happy you are in at the same school as you husband! That's perfect. I love it when this thread lights up with news of dreams coming true <3
  6. Interesting! Thanks for this information!
  7. I mean, clearly I was being a little harsh by calling them a terrible person. But I’ve found GC so comforting and inspiring, so I found the tone of the post a bit offensive. Y’all have picked me up on my worst days and celebrated with me on some of my best days. Nobody has ever made me feel insignificant or trivial on this forum, and then somebody posted that trash. I guess if you get into all those school you wouldn’t understand the anxiety of other people trying to get into ANY of their schools. /sigh.
  8. That most recent Yale acceptance ending in “Go cleanse yourself!” is so obnoxious. You just know that person is an entitled asshole. I hate it when terrible people have the world at their feet.
  9. 19th Century Americanist Roll Call

    Hi! I am a 19th century Americanist. I work mostly with the Transcendentalist movement, particularly Thoreau. I'm broadening my scope a bit-- the work I was doing before getting accepted this round was very specific.
  10. You know, I almost applied to BU! But the faculty member that I was dying to work with just retired. Maybe they’re just running a bit behind this year? I don’t know when they usually post, but they could have a new administration or DGS. Anything could happen! If this year has taught me anything, it’s that it’s definitely not over until the rejection is in your inbox.
  11. 2018 Acceptances

    Congrats to all the Penn + Connecticut + Ann Arbor admits! Y’all are on fire! 🔥
  12. Graceful Transitions?

    Thanks for your response. I think you're right, but I really don't want you to be! I'd love to give her enough time to hire someone and let me do the training. But you're probably right, HR will probably take over and I'll be out of a job earlier than I'm prepared for.
  13. Graceful Transitions?

    It depends where you got in and how small the schools are. It's a six year move, but you can always return to the city after! Also, will any of us really have much time to enjoy a city?! I don't have any real advice for you, but I wish you the best!
  14. Also a UNC-Chapel Hill waitlist!