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  1. What makes research compelling?

    I just want to jump in here to advocate for the importance of words like "intersectionality," especially in the case of "intersectionality." In fact, without intersectionality, concepts like feminism are not inclusive and actually isolate women of color, the LGBTQ+ community, etc. By making the move from just plain "feminism" to "intersectional feminism," these "certain types of people" are actually included in the conversation and welcomed into academic space rather than kept out. So, in some cases, what some might consider jargon is absolutely important and shouldn't be shrugged off as meaningless.
  2. Yeah is there even a shot at waitlists from NYU at this point?
  3. UT Austin English 2016

    Though I have nothing to contribute regarding the specific schools mentioned above, I would love a thread on the importance of actual rankings, and perceived rankings, and how much they should play into making decisions because I find myself in a somewhat similar predicament. Perhaps this already exists, but I will echo @JustPoesieAlong in saying that it is a really good question!
  4. Does anyone have any information about how the waitlist works at USC? I'm super curious to know if it's ranked or by field or what! I haven't gotten any of this sort of info from the department so far.. Congrats on Tufts, @punctilious !
  5. 2018 Acceptances

    Temple changed my portal on the 11th (or maybe earlier, I had stopped checking) and I have yet to hear from anyone in the English department. I got a letter in the mail from the university but that's it! I wonder if I should be reaching out? Or maybe not because I have other programs I am more strongly considering.. Edit: Though I'd be interested in hearing what they had to say to you @a_sort_of_fractious_angel if you're willing to share!
  6. Well now it’s definitely time to let CUNY go. Oh well. UW is the last school I’m waiting on! Fingers crossed, Seattle has my heart forever 💖
  7. 2018 Acceptances

    @KatVW Sorry that was unclear — by “boards” I mean the results page on Grad Cafe.
  8. 2018 Acceptances

    Yeah, I would call it a rejection once acceptances and waitlists are on the board and days have passed. I am also counting CU Boulder an implied rejection.
  9. I don't think it's a necessary step, but I do think that in some cases it can be helpful. I tried to contact a POI at each program I applied to -- every email exchange went very well, the professors were kind and helpful -- and that could be a reason I am having a successful application season. However, the emails took a lot of time and preparation (ie. reading the POIs work very closely and -- very briefly -- drawing connections between my work and theirs) so I never got around to emailing anyone at BC and I've been accepted there, so it's definitely not a prerequisite for a successful application.
  10. I've already received a rejection from Northeastern, and there is some information floating around GC that they sent out an email to some (perhaps shortlisted) applicants about a prospective students visit. I'm not sure when they will send out acceptances, or if they already have. As for CUNY, I don't think anyone should rule them out yet. It sounds like the acceptance emails that have gone out are personalized and "unofficial." It also looks like CUNY typically sends out waitlists shortly after acceptances go out, which has not happened yet. This is all to say that I just don't think they've done the official acceptances yet, and if unofficial acceptances have gone out to all admitted students already, there's still hope for a waitlist.
  11. Anybody else apply to UW and feel like their history of notifying in the beginning of March feels soooo late. It's going to kill me waiting that loooong!
  12. 20th/21st C. Americanist Roll Call

    Ahhh omg this sounds so amazing! Do you mind sharing where/who taught it??
  13. 20th/21st C. Americanist Roll Call

    20th C. Americanist here 🙋‍♀️ — Interested in American modernism, women writers, and the city.
  14. I have written off NYU as an implied rejection but am holding out hope for CUNY. Last year there seemed to be a lot of action when they released decisions officially -- including many waitlist notifications so I feel like there's still hope!