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  1. Luckily I'd only be 2/3 years, but I'm still a super indecisive person and couldn't commit to living anywhere without visiting. My one school I've been accepted to very graciously extended my deadline to the 20th after I visited and explained I already had travel plans to see another school, so this looks like it will be a stressful week!
  2. Thanks to both @Wooshkuh and @Elisajoy90! It's reallyyy late in the game and I actually visited a school I have a spot at this past week and am flying out to visit another this Wednesday, so time-wise, I think even if by some miracle I got off UTK's waitlist, I wouldn't have the time to visit the school.
  3. Bummer, was hoping I could give you good news! What position are you on the list, if you don't mind me asking? (Or more specifically, what was your original position?) I'm debating emailing to see where I am now, but probably won't bother if there hasn't been much movement on the waitlist. PM me if you'd like.
  4. When you say you're on UTK's waitlist for the MA, are you talking about a TA position or just being accepted to the MA in general? I ask because I was accepted to the MA but waitlisted for a TA. I don't think I'm getting off the TA waitlist, in which case I will be declining my MA spot.
  5. Got off the waitlist at one of the four schools I'm waitlisted at, so may be making a visit next week. It's kind of down to the wire at my top choice and looking like it could go either way. Aghhh.
  6. Just watching this forum slowly die since everyone is leaving after making decisions, while I am still on four funding waitlists...
  7. @Adelaide9216, I might have missed it elsewhere in this thread, but did you mention how old you are? I truly feel for you and hope things will get better. I think your feelings are 100% validate and can empathize. <3
  8. I only applied to MA programs, so unfortunately I don't think they would offer to cover any funding. Thank you, though! I hope to hear soon as well...
  9. I'm on the waitlist for funding at three schools, and don't plan to attend without funding. I'm high on the waitlist at two, low on the waitlist at another. I really don't want to commit to a school until I'm able to see it in person, but don't want the expense of visiting the school if I'm not positive I'll have funding. One of the higher waitlist schools has the standard April 15 accept/reject deadline, while another's isn't until the summer. Any advice on this predicament? Can a school tell you on April 15 that you've come off the waitlist, but you need to make a decision by the end of that day/without seeing the school in person?
  10. Has anyone who applied to Virginia Tech's MA program heard anything? The portal stated application decisions would be posted the 15th, and then that statement was removed. I sent an email, but didn't get a response.
  11. I haven't heard from Purdue either. Neither has my friend, who applied for their computer science PhD program. Frustrating! I emailed Tennessee on Friday inquiring more about the waitlist, and might email Oklahoma and Louisville towards the end of the week to see if anything's changed.
  12. Is it expected to inquire about your status on the waitlist, or wait for the school to contact you?
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