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  1. I haven't really thought about this, but I think it's a really important question. Just imagining the situation is so painful.
  2. Thank you for sharing! I had lived in the US only for about a couple of years and I was in California then. But as you said, it seems likely that I would spend most of my time at the university.
  3. Congratulations on your acceptance, too! It's great we got accepted into the same school. I also haven't made my mind up about attending the recruitment event. I've never visited Texas before and I'd love to go, but it's so far away from where I live. Since it seems like one-day event and it will be 30 + hours of travel total, it's difficult to decide. I share your concern and I'm afraid I won't be able to visit other events if I get invited. Then, it won't really help me make my decision. So I'm still thinking and haven't said anything about the recruitment weekend in my thank you email.
  4. Thanks a lot!! Your example was really helpful.
  5. Thank you! By the way, could you tell me about what you mean by odd? Just curious to know! Since I'm an international student, every bit of information is precious!
  6. I got accepted into the Ph.D. program in English at TAMU with a funding offer, and I'm still shaking with joy! This is the first acceptance offer I've received so far. I got one rejection and still haven't heard from most of the schools I've applied to, so I need some more time before making a decision, but TAMU is definitely one of my top choices. Has anyone already written a reply to the director of graduate studies (not necessarily TAMU but in general) and thanked her/him for the acceptance before deciding whether to attend the school or not? I'm thinking about writing a thank you ema
  7. I just received an email from CMU. This was my first rejection email. I somehow thought the school might not be a great fit for me during the application process, but it still hurts. I also haven't heard from the U of Minnesota, but it seems like at least some applicants have already heard from the school, so it probably means I'm either waitlisted or rejected?
  8. Congrats!!! I've also applied to the U of Minnesota, but mine still reads Awaiting Program Decision.
  9. As someone who had lived in the US for a couple of years as an international student when I was a high school student, I think the fact that you have this question tells a lot about how thoughtful and considerate you are of others' feelings. Back when I was in the US, not many people asked me about the reason I went by an English name made up by me. In my case, it was after one accident that I invented a new name. One of my teachers in the public high school I went to could not pronounce my name and I thought he was calling another student and ended up getting marked absent a few times. (This
  10. This is a solid plan. Maybe I'll do just the same, except that taking a day off won't be necessary for me, since I've already been indulging myself in heavy binge-watching and "taking days off" ever since the application process ended. I also haven't gotten any interview or acceptance yet. I expect them (or rejection) to arrive from early February, but I'm not so sure. I'm so sorry to hear that you got your first rejection. I really hope you get your first acceptance soon from your favorite school! Best of luck to you!
  11. Of course! Why didn't I think about it? I think I'll cry too, remembering the time I struggled with the application process, thanking those who helped me along the way. I hope we all get accepted by our favorite schools!
  12. I know, right? Knowing that I'm not alone on this somehow makes me feel happy and even less lonely! I wish the very best of luck to you, too! Let's get accepted!
  13. Hello, I'm an international applicant for fall 2018 and I'm feeling more nervous than ever as the admission decision season for my major seems to be approaching. And though I'm not entirely hopeful, I keep imagining myself getting an acceptance letter. (yay!) And I ask myself this. What will I do first when (if) I get an acceptance email? Well, first, I guess I'll tell my family and my closest friends about it! But what will I do afterward? Will I write a quick thank you reply to the school right away before I make a final decision? Will I talk to my MA thesis advisor about it or wil
  14. Some of the schools I've applied to that I'd be so excited to go are Texas A&M, U of Pittsburgh, and Purdue.
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