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  1. I'm in a STEM field (microbiology) and my quant score was in the 140s, I would imagine that your quant score won't be the most important part of your application and thus won't make or break an admissions decision
  2. Really thankful for this question and the advice posted in response. I'm three weeks away from moving 2000 miles to a new city where I don't know anyone, and then starting a PhD two weeks after that. I've never gone more than a month without seeing my parents, and my fiance will still be finishing his BS back at my former university. I'm terrified of the loneliness and homesickness. In regards to the pet situation, I also second getting a cat, if you're interested in getting a pet. For a graduate student lifestyle and schedule they're much easier to take care of. Don't get me wrong, they
  3. Absolutely. Check their websites, some schools actually offer tours that you can sign up for, I did one at the University of Chicago. I requested campus tours at a few other schools as well, and never heard back after multiple emails and phone calls, so it's kinda hit or miss. But, it's definitely worth it to go check them out, especially if you'd be moving across the country away from family for school.
  4. You should look up Dr. Andy Kau's research at WUSTL. I work in the lab next to his and they are doing some pretty neat immuno/micro stuff with the gut microbiome
  5. Depending on what field you're going into, there may be programs that do not take the GRE. I know that Biology/Biomed programs are largely starting to drop it, there's a list of programs that have dropped it already floating around this forum. I would imagine that there are other fields doing the same thing.
  6. Yup. It's been a struggle especially when it comes to reaching out to labs I want to do my rotation in. Logically, I know that I was accepted because they think I have the potential to be a successful graduate student and PhD candidate. But in my mind, I'm like, lol no one wants to work with me, I know nothing, and they know that I know nothing I've gotten better about just shushing that voice and doing sh*t anyways. Sometimes you just gotta ignore it and keep plowing forward
  7. Echoing StemCellFan's advice about research experience. Especially since your undergraduate background isn't in the field you want to pursue a PhD in, it would be really beneficial for you to apply to some internships or entry level technician positions. This way you can also build up your connections within the field, which will be vital for getting recommendation letters. It's not completely unheard of for someone with a different background to get accepted to a bio PhD program, but you'll need to put in some extra work. What connections do you already have? Do you have any friends working
  8. Agree with research experience. Having specific coursework is nice, but it's also something you can make up for in grad school (for example, I'll be taking a statistics class during my first year as a PhD student because I didn't take it in undergrad, but this didn't prevent me from being accepted.) Having research experience in biomed is absolutely vital though. I took a year and a half off after my BSc to work in a lab as a technician and that combined with my other undergraduate research experience (totaling approximately 5 years cumulatively) made me a very strong candidate for my program.
  9. Also wondering this! I proposed to my boyfriend two weeks ago and was so nervous about the proposal that I completely forgot that after he said yes, we'd be planning a wedding. I'm starting my PhD in the fall and he'll have 1 year left finishing his BS, and then will come join me. We're not planning to get married for two years so we can save up some more money, but I'm starting to think that maybe we should just elope because being in grad school, on a grad student budget, while planning a wedding that will take place ~2000 miles away (our family is in the same city we grew up in, but I'm mov
  10. Sure! I love living in the CWE - it's safe, but there's lots of options for restaurants and entertainment close by. I'm a dive bar person so I really enjoyed Tom's, which is just your typical bar with trivia nights and karaoke sometimes, and right next door is International Tap House, which has a wonderful selection of beer. They also do live music and trivia. Pagan Wine Bar is a cute little wine bar in a former bookshop with great handmade cocktails and a great wine selection. There are so many options for dining no matter your taste. I really love Rasoi, which is an Indian restaurant with a
  11. I'm looking for housing, saving up for the cost of moving across the country, and planning a trip to Iceland! Aside from all that, I'm gonna not stress, I'm gonna read all the books on my to-read list, I'm gonna binge watch all the TV shows I've been meaning to, and I'm going to enjoy late nights and early mornings and spending time with friends. Mostly, I want to enjoy the last bit of a 'break' I get before diving into the grad school life!
  12. Hey! Not going to WashU but I currently work here as a research tech. I live in the Central West End and love it. The Monticello is a great, lower-cost building (many of the CWE can be quite expensive), but there are plenty of nice places around. If you are wanting a bit more of a nightlife scene, The Grove has some great options as well. I grew up in University City and loved living near the Loop, another awesome area. If anyone has questions or needs recs feel free to ask! Sorry to crash your thread, thought it might be helpful
  13. Heyyy!! I'll be going for my PhD in Microbiology, just got the news yesterday! I'm so excited, Corvallis is beautiful and I can't wait! Currently trying to decide where to live and when to move.
  14. Ok. I'm actually freaking out now. Still NO word from one school I interviewed at (a month ago) and no word from the other school that I had an informal interview with one of the professors. Their websites say "early April" is when decisions are mailed out so I haven't called yet because they ask to be patient. I'm so nervous. My interview went incredibly well and two professors have still been in contact with me, but I feel like since I haven't heard *anything* yet it's not good news :/
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