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  1. TheScienceHoney

    WashU St. Louis 2018

    Sure! I love living in the CWE - it's safe, but there's lots of options for restaurants and entertainment close by. I'm a dive bar person so I really enjoyed Tom's, which is just your typical bar with trivia nights and karaoke sometimes, and right next door is International Tap House, which has a wonderful selection of beer. They also do live music and trivia. Pagan Wine Bar is a cute little wine bar in a former bookshop with great handmade cocktails and a great wine selection. There are so many options for dining no matter your taste. I really love Rasoi, which is an Indian restaurant with a tasty lunch buffet, and Sushi Koi, which has nice happy hour deals in the evenings and yummy bubble tea in the day. Gamlin Whiskey House is a little more upscale but perfect for a fancy date night, same with Wildflower. Taste is a cute little place that also has nice happy hour deals. If you like dancing, Viva Nightclub is really fun. When my friends and I would go out in the CWE we would usually just bar hop as everything is in close walking distance. There are plenty of places to hang though I think most places close by 1 or 3 AM, depending. I also spent many weekends at Coffee Cartel studying, they are open 24 hours and serve up ice cream, sandwiches, salads, a huge variety of coffee, and some alcoholic beverages as well. A Shake Shack just went in in the CWE and people are going crazy over it, it's not bad in my opinion, if you like burgers and shakes. Whole Foods and Straubs are convenient for grocery shopping, and if they are a little too pricey for a grad student budget, there is a Schnucks (local supermarket chain) right down Lindell. Also, the place I get my brows done, Roya's, is next to that and if you need a brow lady, she's the best. There is a public library on Euclid that's really nice, but you'll of course also have access to Wash U's libraries which are far bigger. During the summer the CWE neighborhood association throws a few block parties and other fun outdoor events with lots of local restaurants and bars, live music and dancing, craft shows, etc. If you're a movie goer, the Chase Park Plaza Hotel has a theater and they do $5 movies on Wednesdays. They also have a bar there. Forest Park is nearby and is nice when the weather is warm for running, biking, walking, or taking in some of the great free entertainment: the Zoo, Art Museum, and Science Center all have free admission. In the early summer, the local Shakespeare company puts on Shakespeare in the Park, which is also free. Depending on where you are in the CWE it's easy to walk to Forest Park, or hop on the Metro at the CWE station (you'll get a free student Metro pass, which is really convenient.) In addition to the CWE itself, The Grove is another close by neighborhood that has an even more vibrant nightlife. Here you can find a huge variety of bars, food, outdoor patio spaces, a brewery (Urban Chestnut), most of the local gay bars, live entertainment, and more. It's just a few minutes away from the CWE by car and opens up so many more options. It's a really fun and vibrant place to live. I will say though, parking can definitely be a pain. My apartment has a parking garage that costs extra but it's so worth it because sometimes, especially on the weekends, you will drive around for 20 minutes before finding a parking spot, and you might get a metered spot. That is one of the only downsides to living in the CWE.
  2. TheScienceHoney

    I've finally committed...now what?

    I'm looking for housing, saving up for the cost of moving across the country, and planning a trip to Iceland! Aside from all that, I'm gonna not stress, I'm gonna read all the books on my to-read list, I'm gonna binge watch all the TV shows I've been meaning to, and I'm going to enjoy late nights and early mornings and spending time with friends. Mostly, I want to enjoy the last bit of a 'break' I get before diving into the grad school life!
  3. TheScienceHoney

    WashU St. Louis 2018

    Hey! Not going to Wash U but I currently work here as a research tech. I live in the Central West End and love it. The Monticello is a great, lower-cost building (many of the CWE can be quite expensive), but there are plenty of nice places around. If you are wanting a bit more of a nightlife scene, The Grove has some great options as well. I grew up in University City and loved living near the Loop, another awesome area. If anyone has questions or needs recs feel free to ask! Sorry to crash your thread, thought it might be helpful
  4. TheScienceHoney

    Oregon State University Fall2018

    Heyyy!! I'll be going for my PhD in Microbiology, just got the news yesterday! I'm so excited, Corvallis is beautiful and I can't wait! Currently trying to decide where to live and when to move.
  5. TheScienceHoney

    People with no acceptances yet

    Ok. I'm actually freaking out now. Still NO word from one school I interviewed at (a month ago) and no word from the other school that I had an informal interview with one of the professors. Their websites say "early April" is when decisions are mailed out so I haven't called yet because they ask to be patient. I'm so nervous. My interview went incredibly well and two professors have still been in contact with me, but I feel like since I haven't heard *anything* yet it's not good news :/
  6. TheScienceHoney

    2018 EEB Applicants: Profiles, Results, etc

    Her initials are EW, she's a new faculty member (started last fall!) I definitely got the feeling from Skyping with her in November that she was super chill and the whole department was really just a great environment to be in overall. I haven't heard back since I emailed her yesterday, but if I don't hear back within a week I will probably reach out to the graduate advisor like you mentioned. Good luck to you too! If we both end up there I hope we run into each other!
  7. TheScienceHoney

    2018 EEB Applicants: Profiles, Results, etc

    I thought about it! I've heard mixed advice about emailing the prof directly though, that it can be seen as annoying. I reeeally want to ask but I also don't want to ruin my chances, lol. Not even sure how I would phrase it. Well, I did it anyways. No idea if this was the right thing to do or not. Just said "Hi Dr. __, I hope all is well. Just wanted to check in on your decision timeline for graduate applications. I'm still very excited about the potential opportunity to join your lab. Please let me know if there is any more information you need from me. I look forward to hearing from you again soon!" I re-read our old email chain and she mentioned in November that she would get back to me by the end of the quarter which I guess I assumed was December, but I realize now that I actually don't know since I've always attended schools that have a semester-based system. So maybe the quarter ended in January? Anyways, she said that interviews would likely be in February and since that's just a week away I figure it was appropriate to check in... I'm probably way over thinking this. Send good juju my way guys, I hope I didn't just sabotage my application
  8. TheScienceHoney

    2018 EEB Applicants: Profiles, Results, etc

    I thought about it! I've heard mixed advice about emailing the prof directly though, that it can be seen as annoying. I reeeally want to ask but I also don't want to ruin my chances, lol. Not even sure how I would phrase it.
  9. TheScienceHoney

    Social/dating catch-up in graduate school

    I know the original post is over a year old at this point, but...anyone else get major 'incel' type vibes from this? Lots of good advice has already been given so I won't throw in my two cents but I'd basically echo what @eevee said above. Yikes. Good luck with the process of maturing emotionally.
  10. TheScienceHoney

    2018 EEB Applicants: Profiles, Results, etc

    Rejected from UCSD Biology and University of Oregon Biology. Wondering if anyone has applied to or heard back from UC Santa Barbara EEMB? I had a Skype interview with a professor there back in November and she seemed interested in me (and she's like, my dream PI) but I haven't heard anything about an interview or rejection or anything yet. I'm holding out hope still, but not sure when I should start to look into backup options in case I don't get admitted anywhere.
  11. I recently wrote an LOR for a former professor. Before writing my letter I reviewed my professor's teaching portfolio and CV as well as the job description for the position they were being considered for promotion to. I tried to be pretty specific about what strengths the professor had and how I benefitted from taking their class. I included things that she had mentioned in her portfolio that I had experienced as a student (for example, she had received a grant to study the impact on student performance of 'flipping' the classroom one day a week, so I wrote about what I gained from her flipped classroom project.) I think it's also fair to write critiques of them as well, or point out what they could improve, if you have suggestions, especially if they are relevant to the position that they are applying for. The department chair asked me to just email the letter in from my university email account, but you should ask the department chair or dean or whoever is in charge what they would prefer.
  12. TheScienceHoney

    What will you do if you get your first acceptance letter?

    -Probably scream -Call my parents, then my boyfriend, then my best friend -Post on social media, email my rec letter writers -Cry -I hadn't thought of taking a day off but I'm totally going to now, I've been working my ass off, I deserve it lol. Probably do some day drinking with friends to celebrate. Relax. Enjoy the happiness. -Then after that's all passed I'll actually look into accepting admission, the timeline I'll have, places to live, etc. All the practical stuff that comes with it I haven't gotten a single interview or acceptance yet. When my first rejection came, it was at 2 AM and I was awake and I definitely cried reading it. It's still gnawing at me.
  13. TheScienceHoney

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    Thank you!! Yeah I think it's just hard because it's the first one. I love your quote about winging it by the way <3
  14. TheScienceHoney

    What's your craziest backup plan?

    I've been looking at the average salaries for someone of my level/experience in an industry job and man....it's looking real attractive if academia doesn't work out

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