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  1. I am DYING waiting for CU Boulder announcements. Have a couple of rejections already and haven't heard from any of my other programs. Boulder is my #1 so really hoping for it.
  2. I've had similar concerns about "discipline hopping". My undergrad was related to cultural studies with a minor in global media. My MA is in media/comm. I've applied to some PhD programs in media/comm, some in global studies, and some that are more interdisciplinary, as my research interests sort of tie all of my previous work together.
  3. I have not heard from UCSB yet, so I am assuming rejection... but still hoping for wait list. It was not as good of a fit as some of my other schools, but I think it still would be a great place for me.
  4. I applied to CU Boulder (Media Studies), University of Arizona, UCSB, and a couple of other interdisciplinary programs.
  5. I get most of my dress clothes from thredup.com. Shipping is slow, though, so don’t wait til the last minute.
  6. I get most of my dress clothes from thredup.com. Shipping is slow, though, so don’t wait til the last minute.
  7. I am doing my Master's right now and my school offers graduate housing. My husband works full-time and I work part-time in addition to my studies. We live off campus in a one-bedroom apartment. It is a bit tight financially (we are in the NYC area) but we love our apartment and have a good quality of life.
  8. UC Santa Barbara (PhD Communication) has an open house type weekend for shortlisted applicants (I hear they typically invite 15 applicants and extend offers to 10-12). CU Boulder (PhD Media Studies) told me that they do not do interviews.
  9. I am completing a PhD application that doesn't allow me to upload a CV—I have to type my employment history, etc., into text boxes. I currently have a paid research assistantship at my grad school and was wondering if this should be listed under "graduate activities" or "occupational experience". Thanks in advance!
  10. Whether we like it or not, our relationship with our letter-writers is one-sided: We are completely dependent on their generosity. I think the best option here is for you to find strategies to manage your own worries, as well as the logistics of your applications. I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that this prof is writing the same letter for all of your programs and just changing out the program info for each one. If this is the case, can all of the letters just be submitted now rather than doing each program by their individual deadlines? Maybe you could have a conversation with the pr
  11. It is pretty common for referees to ask students to draft LORs themselves, and admissions committees almost surely know that, so I wouldn't be too worried. That said, I sympathize with your having to do all three yourself-- I am having to draft one on my own and worry that it will be too similar to my SOP and writing sample, as I feel that I have a somewhat distinct writing style (at least, when multiple pieces are laid out next to each other). I would recommend a few things. Firstly, look up LOR samples. Donald Asher's book, Graduate Admissions Essays, has some samples; and I'm sure ther
  12. Hi! Dual Canadian-American here, have done the immigration process for both countries (spouse to Canada, me to U.S.). You will need a visa to work and live in Canada. Unless you have an immediate family member living legally in Canada, your best option would be to see if you qualify for this program: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/express-entry.html Note that medical fields (including SLP) are regulated provincially in Canada; so, in addition to getting a federal immigration visa, you will need to register with the regulatory body
  13. I had a similar issue when applying for my Masters. I opted to accept one and defer the other-- it gave me the freedom of trying one out while knowing the other was still an option.
  14. Your score is very competitive, but of course even a perfect GRE score doesn't guarantee admission. It can be a good idea to look up the specific GRE cutoffs or averages for your target programs to see how you compare.
  15. I didn't have much time to study. I took my first practice test before I started studying to get a baseline. Used a Manhattan Prep Math Refresher book for one week and then Magoosh for four weeks, focusing almost exclusively on math. I studied for about 30-60 minutes 3-5 times weekly for four weeks, and studied very little in the week leading up to the real test. ETS Practice Test 1 (5 weeks before real test): 148Q, 151V Magoosh Practice Test (3 weeks before real test): 151Q, 156V ETS Practice Test 2 (1 week before real test): 154Q, 160V Real Test: 156Q, 162V
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