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  1. I also applied to UCLA and UW Seattle. Haven't heard anything yet. I also didn't see updates on the results page.
  2. Thanks for the information. Hope you can get the offer!
  3. Anyone here applied to Cornell? I saw two others posted on the results page said they received interview invitations. Does anyone know whether they will have pa second round interview or cornell has already sent out all the invitations?
  4. Right... Silent rejections make me feel like the admission committee doesn't show basic respect to their candidates... At least, I would like to get a generic rejection e-mail lol
  5. I second others' comments. I am not in Finance but I noticed that the majority of business schools would require a total of 320 ish (you can check their websites, they would mention that). Especially for the quant, I would suggest you retake a test and get a at least 160+
  6. Congratulations to your offer! At least you got something in your hand. My minimum requirement is at least sending me some interview invitations. I read a post somewhere else said the person who applied to nearly 20 schools got silent rejections to all of them. It really freaks me out.
  7. Well... I just got a rejection from ASU. They didn't send me any emails or notifications yet but they wrote "we are unable to admit you" on their application website, no further explanation. So... yeah... my first rejection. It's kinda upset since two weeks ago they asked me to email and mail my transcripts to them and then never replied me back. sigh... Well I like to study consumer psychology more specifically. It's fascinating to know how they act and why. In my previous study and internship I interacted with customers a lot and I really enjoyed analyzing them and studying their behavior.
  8. I didn't apply to top schools, the majority of them range between 50-100. Since the mid of January, I started to check results on gradcafe every day lol. I am super nervous and kind of anxious about it. I still haven't heard anything yet. Hope I can get something in February.
  9. Would you mind sharing some interview experience such as questions they asked when you finish that?
  10. I think your score is really competitive. I only got a mediocre score on that but my quant is on the high part. I heard that there are tons of factors that the admission committee would take into consideration. I hope they could find some qualities that they are looking for in us.
  11. Good luck with your interview! I checked other members admission results from the past years and figured that interview invites should be sent out recently.
  12. Hi! I am in CB and I also applied one program in decision making. How about you?
  13. I submitted 5 schools in December last year but heard nothing yet. Did you take GRE or GMAT? I heard that business PhD is super competitive and requires a relatively high test scores. I also don't have much research experience under my belt which makes me feel super worried.
  14. Hi there. I applied to 13 PhD programs in marketing (1 in Canada, 1 in Netherlands, 11 in the states) and I haven't got any replies, interview invites or rejections, yet. The long time waiting drives nuts. However, I didn't see many posts about Business Phd programs here. I hope anyone who is in the similar situation can share information with each other.
  15. Hi everyone. I got a GRE total score of 321 (V:155, Q:166, AWA score hasn't come out yet). I'm applying to Phd in marketing (UT Austin, UW Seattle, U Oregon, ASU, UCSD, Texas A&M, etc. basically target at school ranks within 30-100) and focusing on the consumer behavior. I'm wondering whether this score is good enough to go with or I have to retake the test again? And what kind of score is considered to be good enough or competitive for application? I appreciate your time and any suggestions!
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