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  1. Visit Days Has anyone been admitted to a program without a visit day or on-campus interview? I don't think I want to accept without visiting but the trip may be pricey on my own dime.
  2. Hi, DId you ever go to this? I was also invited this year. Since they are a newer program I imagine they do events like this to convince students to come. They have some interesting professors and are AACSB accredited now. I will likely go since it is paid and I am genuinely curious about the program.
  3. I applied at Questrom. Have not heard anything either
  4. I also applied to 20 schools and I am so happy I did. I have had only 4 Skype interviews and 1 offer. Reading forums I hear that it is bad form to ask a school that you haven't heard anything from about status. But a friend of mine applying to MBA had success in prodding the schools with a polite email. Would it be different for Ph.D. programs?
  5. coffeefan

    Cleveland, OH

    I was recently accepted into PhD at CWRU and really feel good about the school and Professors there. Can anyone suggest a good neighborhood/suburb for a couple with a toddler? Commute time is less an issue than safety and house affordability.
  6. Drat, I was thinking I had a chance at UNC. Did you interview there?
  7. The interviewer seemed genuinely interested in my research. He had read the master's thesis I submitted with my application and the bulk of the interview was very collegial. He asked why I wanted to pursue a PhD, what interests me about the subject area, and why I chose to apply to their school. It lasted about 25-30 minutes. There was plenty of time at the end for my questions as well. I think it went very well and was definitely a little boost after my Wharton rejection.
  8. I also just wrapped up my applications to Management PhD programs (Organizational Behavior). I applied to almost 20 schools in the US and so far have only heard back from one (that requested a Skype interview). At least no rejections yet, lol.
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