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  2. From all of the assumptions you made in your dismissive response to my post for the OP, I provide this: I'm good luv, enjoy.
  3. No, thank you for opening up this dialogue! I'm rooting for you as well. As long as you received that word that's all one can hope for on a forum where everyone has an opinion and perspective.
  4. I want to say I'm happy to have found this thread because I felt so alone during this whole process too. It is incredibly hard to explain to anyone in my personal life what this means, how it feels to process rejection after rejection, and how even though I have received feedback from some of the most well-regarded professors in my desired field of study, who are also Black women, I feel like an utter failure. I have always been successful at any major challenge I pursued. Now all I feel is doubt about my abilities and how could I possibly be "good enough" next cycle if I somehow found the nerve to try again. And honestly, I am so tired of anyone telling Black women to be resilient. We are not made of stone. How much of our lives must we commit to always being told to push through, and dust yourself off and try again? That crap is exhausting when you're not, nor ever will be, at an even playing field. For those who don't feel they've ever had to face such experiences as people of color, kudos to you - but that isn't the reality for a majority of people of color. If it were there would be more people of color, especially Black and Latino in academe. @JustCallMeDoc, you are heard and I see you on this bumpy journey. I do hope it leads you to a point where you feel whole and affirmed in your choices.
  5. I believe UCLA has already contacted those on their short list for interviews. Or either they've already completed interviews.
  6. Has anyone heard from Emory or Columbia? I got word last week that Columbia is reaching out to applicants for interviews over the next two weeks (now one week) and if you don't hear anything that means you weren't on the finalist list.
  7. Agreed...maybe they're being cautious until their interviews occur. I've seen that from others with business PhD interviews on the results page.
  8. Worries: I have at least three rejections now and if that trend continues with my remaining applications I have to start all over. I don't know what starting all over looks like for me because this has been a very rough experience for me. I know the journey I've applied myself for entry to begin isn't any easier, but I do believe it's human nature to feel disheartened after you've applied yourself towards a goal and failed to achieve that goal. I'm equally worried that as more decisions are shared I will feel more pressure to go through with job interviews in my current profession, unrelated to my PhD field, and play a role of happy, excited, and ready to give my all when I really could care less about these job opportunities because I've been in my current field for 10 years. Do I pick financial stability via another job in my field that won't bring me closer to my true passion and focus - PhD - or go broke trying to strengthen my application for next cycle? Excitement: I have received the best feedback I think anyone could ask for from several POIs who are well respected and connected in their field. There might be a slim chance I'm offered admission into a pre-doc program instead. There are also great summer research internships I can apply for. And I have a job interview with a major tech company next week - wish that rubbed off on my PhD applications though.
  9. Can anyone here claim that Northwestern acceptance I see on the results page that was posted today?
  10. I think you're the first for accounting to post here. Maybe more will come now
  11. I'd say better to be prepared than not since the last conversation was a general chat, and this time around they have sent you materials they want to discuss with you. But I have not experience something quite as similar.
  12. Well that's good to hear...after getting the opposite from her. Nonetheless I'm equally interested in working with the other POIs I referenced in my SOP. May we all have some good news in the early weeks of February.
  13. 11...or maybe 10 with that insight from phdmang. Right now I'm trying to take my mind off of the remaining ones as I spend way too much time on this site refreshing the results page ha!
  14. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Well, there's a likely other app I can cross off my list of will I or won't I be admitted.
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