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  1. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    Do you mean a fee waiver from ETS or a waiver from a program saying you don't have to take it? I haven't found a PhD program that waives the GRE requirement that's not from a for-profit institution, but I haven't looked that hard. As for a fee waiver, the income requirements are quite strict and a bit difficult to prove unless you're still in undergrad. If you are in undergrad, I'd recommend asking someone in the financial aid office to help you with it.
  2. Has anyone seen a good example of a statement from any field in this general category? I am applying to public health programs, but at this point in my exhaustive Googling, I would appreciate reading a successful PhD SOP from someone in sociology, psychology, anthropology, education, etc. My draft is, pretty much garbage at this point. I am struggling with some major components: length, voice, and scope. The example SOPs I have found are either from humanities, hard sciences, or med school, and while they're semi-instructive, I think reading a discipline-specific one would be more useful. I'd be happy to exchange with anyone in a related field in a couple weeks. Hopefully my statement will be in a better place then.
  3. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    I'd appreciate advice on contacting POIs-- when? how many per school? what do I say? do I send a CV or anything else in the email?
  4. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    I'll be applying. Definitely applying to: Harvard Pop Health Social Behavioral Sciences, Brown Behavioral and Social Sciences, Yale Social Behavioral Sciences (maybe Chronic Disease Epidemiology though), Michigan Health Behavior & Health Education Maybe applying to: Columbia Sociomedical Sciences, Hopkins Social and Behavioral Sciences, Pittsburgh Behavioral Sciences, UT Austin Human Development and Family Sciences (not public health) Currently working on getting my GRE scores up. Here's to the start of a looooong process.
  5. apex45

    Any communications from chosen schools?

    Yeah that's probably normal. Departments are probably more concerned with getting this year's graduating cohort out, grading, and making the May grant deadlines than communicating with incoming students. I would start worrying if it's August and you still haven't heard anything. They'll tell you what you need to know when you need to know it.
  6. apex45

    Americorps before MPH?

    Americorps programs can be tricky in their admissions. I'd recommend applying to all that interest you and weighing your options once you get accepted. All of the ones you mentioned would add to an MPH application.
  7. Tufts would offer better networking opportunities since it in is Boston, a major hub for public health. Tulane is a great school for global health and infectious disease epidemiology, but I don't know anything about their nutrition reputation. Tufts has a great reputation for nutrition promotion and community health.
  8. apex45

    GRE scores for PhD

    Thanks a lot for the advice everyone. I have some time (not a lot) to study and only need to raise my score 3-4 points to break 70%, so I think I will try to retake in the summer and see what happens. I remember being disappointed with my quant score and expecting better of myself, so maybe raising it isn't outside the realm of possibility. Hopefully my verbal score won't go down... I've always been much stronger in verbal than quant but I wasn't expecting to score that high!
  9. apex45

    GRE scores for PhD

    I'm going to apply to PhD programs during the next application cycle. The GRE scores I used for my MPH applications will still be valid-- 98%V 59%Q 98%AWA I am planning to apply to mostly community health and social/behavioral programs. I will have excellent grades from my MPH and a few publications. I will have 2 semesters of biostat, 1 of epi methods using SAS, and plan to be a TA for a biostat class next semester. My undergrad was a long time ago but my GPA was fine. Do you think I need to retake my GRE in hopes of a higher quant score, or would that be a waste of time and money? I'm aiming for programs like Yale, Michigan, and Columbia but haven't made my final list yet. TIA for any advice!

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