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  1. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    Nope! I know my research doesn't align very well with what they do, so their silence isn't surprising to me. I don't expect to be fully admitted.
  2. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    Also just got my waitlist notification. No email for me; just a portal update. I gotta admit, it's bringing me down a bit.
  3. apex45

    Help! What to ask your potential PhD adviser?

    All the conversations I've had like this have been pretty casual and flow naturally. I wouldn't stress about coming in with lots prepared since you're already accepted. But here's some stuff you might consider asking: - Where does she see her research going over the next few years? - What data does she have access to/have banked for future student projects? - What does she expect of you in your first year? - Does she advise current students that you could talk to? (You definitely want to talk to them to get their honest opinion on her mentoring abilities) - Will you get 1:1 attention or does she prefer a team meeting structure? - Where does your funding come from? Are you required to TA or RA, or are you on a fellowship that allows you to work on your own projects? Good luck! You're already in, the hard part is over.
  4. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    Congrats! Thanks for letting me know.
  5. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    Did you (or @Epidemiology19 or anyone else) actually hear back from Yale?! Especially for SBS? I went to interview day but haven't heard anything since. I assume I've been waitlisted but there's no change on my portal and no one's contacted me.
  6. How did you decide between schools? How did you determine that you and your current advisor would be a good fit?
  7. apex45

    Ann Arbor, MI

    Hey, does anyone have any tips for job searching in Ann Arbor? I'm tossing around going to UM but my partner isn't sure she'll be able to find work there. She works at an education nonprofit now and has K12 teaching experience but would like to work in higher ed. Any help would be much appreciated!
  8. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    5:04 EST and I also have not heard from Yale. Please, Ivy league gods, end my misery now.
  9. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    WashU = Washington University in St. Louis (in Missouri) [I think their public health school is called the Brown School, which is not the same at Brown University School of Public Health in Providence, RI] UW = University of Washington (in Washington) These are totally different schools! Just wanted to clear up that confusion and hopefully allay some fear.
  10. apex45

    PhD applicants: Fall 2018

    Maybe? They've been my least communicative program. I got notified that I was through the first round Jan 15 but haven't heard anything at all since. I'm assuming a rejection at this point (/acceptance without funding).
  11. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    I've got a whole spreadsheet of factors with weighted averages based on how important they are to me. I made it for MPH programs two years ago but updated the categories. I wish it were helping more... 3 schools are within a tenth of a point of each other. Anyway, here's the categories in it: Research alignment with content interests alignment with methods interests PI's mentorship secondary sources of support (other faculty with interest overlap, basically) student/alumni opinions productivity (# of papers students graduate with) Program/School curriculum aligned with my interests ranking/prestige time/completion rate student/alumni opinions cohort size likelihood I'll make real friends Financial funding amount funding model cost of living perks (spousal insurance, moving stipend, etc.) Location ability to escape interesting stuff to do diversity/integration political climate partner's opinion
  12. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    No worries! If you're super nervous, email someone in admissions, the department admin, or the PhD program coordinator. Often staff know more students than professors do, so they might be able to connect you with a wider range of student perspectives.
  13. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    You should definitely ask at the schools you've been admitted to! Since it's not feasible for you to visit, that's probably the best way to get information about programs that's not canned. Students are really the only ones who can tell you if living on the stipend is manageable, for example. And of course you'll want to ask details about their relationships with faculty, research opportunities, etc. Don't feel embarrassed. I volunteer to answer emails from applicants about the MPH program I'm working on finishing. I've probably gotten 1-2 emails a day from international students since decisions went out.
  14. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    Sure! Undergrad: 3.4 from a top-3 liberal arts college; Biology major & Education minor Grad: 3.8 for an MEd from a low-ranked state school; 4.0 for an MPH from Brown Work experience: 5 years teaching middle & high school science, health, and engineering; no public health work experience GRE: I don't remember the exact scores, but percentiles were 98% for Verbal, 57% for Quant, and 98% for Writing Research: ~1 year, no pubs at time of application but ~5 mostly first author papers under review; experience writing R34 grant LORs/SOP: I know everyone rates theirs as "really strong" but I honestly think these are what set me apart given my mediocre uGPA & quant GRE and lack of longterm research experience. My interests are pretty unique and specific, so I think fit has also played a major role in getting me interviews (& acceptances).
  15. apex45

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    I think the rankings are pretty meaningless tbh. In addition to what @Epidemiology19 said, they're based only on faculty's perceptions of schools they don't work at. They don't take into account graduation rates, placement, strength of the curriculum, student factors, etc. I picked where to apply based on research fit and mentorship quality, which I think are ultimately the biggest factors in a PhD student's success. I have no idea what program I'll pick yet, but ranking won't factor into my decision at all.

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