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  1. Officially accepted my offer to UCSD-SDSU's Joint PhD program in Global Health. If there are any other future students out there let me know!
  2. Starting to worry because I have not received funding information from my top school yet, and decision deadline is fast approaching. I have followed up a couple times the past weeks, but keep hearing that the information is still pending. Ahhhhh! I think I'm going to wait until Friday to see if I hear back then ask some other programs I'm considering for an extension for reply. Or should I just ask now? If only this was an issue at a school that I wasn't as invested in.
  3. Does anyone have suggestions on what to say to programs who are asking for updates on whether we will accept their offer? I am waiting to hear back from one university regarding their funding offer, so I don't want to decide until after I have all the information. They are just taking a while to provide it. But I don't know what to tell other schools that are asking for a follow up.
  4. This is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!
  5. Coming to this thread with the same question as the person had last year. So this is super helpful!
  6. Just throwing this into the forum in case anyone is looking for info. But just received an acceptance to the Global Health UCSD-SDSU joint doctoral program on Sunday. I received an email, and was told an official letter was in the mail. No word on funding yet, but this was my top choice so I am stoked! Hoping funding is enough to make the final decision. If anyone out there is also accepted, or has heard about funding let me know!
  7. I do not know too much about the University of Louisville, but I have spoken with CGU professors and admissions staff. They seem really helpful, and the classes seem interesting. It really depends on what you are looking for, especially if you want a DrPH vs a PhD program. Rankings-wise, CGU does not seem to have the highest ranking, and Louisville seems to be better in that respect. The location for CGU is Southern California is great, but it also has a higher cost of living than Louisville. Likewise, the program is fairly expensive too, and funding seems to be a bit more limited. However, it is only a graduate university with no undergraduate students which is nice in the fact that they really focus on their graduate students. Personally, I'm leaning away from attending CGU, mostly from the financial standpoint but am still deciding. If you are into rankings, US News just came out with updated ones for public health programs and schools. https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-health-schools/public-health-rankings
  8. Anyone going to University of Kentucky's admitted day this weekend?
  9. I saw that there were some acceptances to the UCI Disease prevention track. Anyone hear back from the global health track? There also were updates for the SDSU/UCSD epi track, anyone hear back from the global health track?
  10. I would definitely make sure you have a good sense of the type of research she does. Beyond looking at your profile on the schools website, you want to read past manuscripts, or at least the abstracts given the time crunch. You are going to want to ask where your advisor sees their research going in the future, and how the PhD student would fit in that projected plan. Some advisors have specific hypotheses that they want their students to answer, while others want you to come up with their own. Are they advising any other PhD students, and would you guys work together or separately. They might also want to see what your end goals are. Are you looking to go into academia, or do governmental work, etc. This would help to mold directions your advisor wants you to take.
  11. Hello Everyone! Now that people are hearing back programs and are starting to make decisions, I figured it would be nice to have a location where people can list what offers they have accepted! It will be nice to see if there are any other future classmates here and see where everyone ends up! This might not get traction until April, but just wanted to make the space now.
  12. Was there anything you would recommend entering PhD students should do when starting their program? Like is there something(s) that doing in the first year can help in the long run of the program?
  13. I did have an issue with a recommender thinking that it was submitted, but wasn't. I didn't realize it because I didn't know there was a difference between the "Accepted" and "completed" until my last two recommenders completed theirs. But other than that, I didn't have any issues with the schools getting the recs from SOPHAS.
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