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  1. No, but just wanted to make you aware (if you’re not already) that Hopkins does allow full-time status in some cases. Good luck with your decision!
  2. Woohoo! CONGRATS! Where will you attend?
  3. Interesting. Hmmmm. When I was talking with the HPM admissions folks, they told me HCML was one of the more competitive subtracks. If I recall correctly, now that I'm thinking about it, they said IS can be pretty competitive too.
  4. To the poster above RE: Implementation Science, I know my application was being kicked between HPM-Quality/Safety and Implementation Science, and I ended up getting accepted to the HPM-Quality/Safety track (I called admissions today to ask where I ended up). I don't know if that's because IS was more competitive, or because I was a better fit for HPM-Q/S. Is anyone else admitted to Hopkins DrPH for HPM - Quality/Safety?
  5. Sarcasmandcoffee, Totally agree. Apparently I've used up my "likes" for the day on this site, so can't like any additional posts. It has been so nice to have you all here as support.
  6. Hopeful2019, Fingers crossed for you to get in off the waitlist. It would be nice to have a cohort of a bunch of us grad cafe folks at the orientation this summer.
  7. Congrats! Keep us posted on your decision!
  8. Happy Monday everyone. Musings for today: Why can’t daylight savings happen on Friday overnight? I need another day to adjust. Exhausted today.
  9. I'm in on the bet. My guess is Tuesday morning, before Noon Eastern (so they have a Monday to "finalize" everything).
  10. The entire convo: Me: Hi, I'm looking for some specific information about DrPH program admissions. Hopkins: What information in particular are you looking for? Me: I'd like to know the exact date when admissions decisions for the DrPH program will be sent out, or to be connected to someone who has that information. Hopkins: Decisions have not been sent out yet, and should be sent out early next week.
  11. "Decisions should be sent out early next week." Wrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaa
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