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  1. I wish they had provided us with a waitlist rank so we would have a better idea of where we stand.
  2. I was waitlisted too. The email says they will let us know no later than April 18. Congrats to everyone accepted!
  3. Any CUNY DPH applicants here? I just got an email from them saying they were transitioning all DPH applicants to the Phd program. Does anyone know anything about this? Accreditation problems maybe? "We are writing to inform you that the you are interested in at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy is transitioning. Currently, the school offers four concentration within the Doctor of Public Health (DPH) degree. Beginning Fall 2019, this program will award incoming students a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) instead"
  4. I wonder how heavily DrPH programs weigh the GRE? Does anyone have a sense of how school's approach DrPH admissions? I ask because I just took the GRE for the first time in 20 years(!) and really bombed the quantitative section. I don't have time to re-take it with a deadline of Dec. 1. I'm going to email Hopkins and ask them.
  5. I wish I had advice for you. All I can say is I feel your pain. I took the GRE yesterday and got 167 V and 149 Q. I'm applying for a DrPH and wondering if I should give up too.
  6. I'm only applying to one: the Health Security track DrPH at Johns Hopkins. I wish I could apply to more but I have a job that takes me overseas quite a bit so I need something flexible.
  7. My SOPHAS changed to Completed once they turned in the recommendation.
  8. I’m a nurse practitioner with an MPH and I’ve decided to go the public health route. I prefer the interdisciplinary focus of public health. Nursing research seems to be a bit of an echo chamber. They mostly publish in nursing journals which are not widely read by other disciplines and often have a narrow focus. I think the rigor depends very much on the school. One the other hand, nursing has a lot of funding opportunities that public health does not.
  9. There are a lot of online programs at solid universities in the UK that only require one reference. I was in the same situation and am now doing an MSc at University of Edinburgh that only required one reference. Other programs I looked at were the same. I got that one reference by taking an online class at an American university. The prof was happy to provide the reference especially since it was for another online program.
  10. I decided to apply for a DrPH for practical reasons. I am mid-career and my job will only allow me a 1 year sabbatical. After that I will have to go to school part-time. I think the flexibility to be part-time is why many choose it over a traditional Phd. I have to say though, the Phd is much better known around the world. If I could do the PhD part-time, I would.
  11. I like the idea of taking the actual GRE as a practice. It seems pretty easy to do if you can spend the money - given that now you just make an appointment and show up. Also relieved to hear that no one is studying like crazy for it. My kids had SAT tutors (!) so I guess I've developed test anxiety by proxy. What did folks use for their writing sample? Did you send a paper from a class, something from work or create something new? For those applying for Phds - did you come across age discrimination? When I first started looking at Public Health schools, I was interested in the PhD programs but it was suggested just about everywhere that I'd be a better "fit" for the DrPH. I want to get in so that is what I am applying for but the PhD is much better known overseas.
  12. Hello All, I am 49 and will be applying to DrPH programs this fall after being out of school for 17 years! I have really enjoyed reading this thread and looking at the problems faced by students at different stages of "older". I have some advice for he posters who were starting Phd programs in their 30s and wondering how they would start a family at the same time. I had two kids while on working on both of my master's degrees in my early 30's. I worked until I went in to labor, took 2 weeks off and then I actually brought the baby to school for a few weeks. Seems weird but babies that little just sleep and feed anyway. Some of my profs were not even aware that I had a baby with me. Both universities had child care centers that gave students first priority. The teachers in the child care center were my greatest support, I would not have graduated if not for them. Once you get used to the sleep deprivation it is easier than you think - much easier than having a newborn while working - your schedule is much more flexible. My only regret is that I did not have time to bond with my cohort or my professors. I am having trouble preparing my application. I am taking online classes to freshen up my transcript but am worried about how LORs from online professors will be viewed. I am in the foreign service, living overseas so I can't do anything in person. Did anyone on this thread use LORs from online classes? And the GRE - how much time did everyone give to studying for this? The last I took it, you just bought the study guide and took the test. Now there is quite an industry dedicated to beating the test. Did anyone else apply without research experience and get in? I am a clinician, have no research experience and really no way to get any. Thanks and best of luck to everyone here!
  13. @fuzzzylogician You are absolutely right. I checked with both programs I am applying to and both say that at only one academic reference is absolutely required. So rather than have a distant professor write a vague reference, I'll get two work refs from supervisors and just one academic reference. Thanks for your feedback.
  14. Hey folks I am applying to a DrPH program and am having a dilemma trying to decide who to ask for LORs. I have been out of school for over a decade so I can't go back to my old profs but I have taken several graduate courses online in the last year and have taken a compressed two week in-person graduate course in epidemiology. I am in the Foreign Service, posted overseas so regular in-person classes are not an option for me. These are my choices: 1. recommendation from online professor 2. recommendation from professor in compressed two week course that was in-person. 3. Any other ideas?
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