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  1. Jay1

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    If you're talking about JHU, after seeing in the results section that someone saw their decision through the application portal and I just checked on the portal myself and saw my decision (waitlisted for the SBS PhD 🤦‍♀️) even though I haven't received an email yet (website says the email should come in 24-48 hours). I'm not especially optimistic because I don't imagine that many people who got in won't accept, but we'll see. It's not a solid no, at least. Hi guys, long time lurker here. Applied to 4 schools- 2 for PhD and 2 DrPH. Heard back from both PhD applications now (Brown- No, Hopkins- Waitlist) and now waiting to hear back from the 2 DrPHs. This year is 10 years since I finished my MPH and getting back into application mode has been QUITE the learning experience. Good luck everyone!
  2. Jay1

    DrPH Applicants Fall 2018

    Hi, I'm also planning to apply for the Fall 2018 cycle and also browsing through this board for insights. Finally, 8 years after finishing my MPH (Tulane) and saying every year, I'd apply to doctoral programs, I'm finally going to do it this year. So nervous but looking forward to the process. I'm undecided between DrPH and PhD programs. Career-wise and based on my experience, I think a DrPH will be more useful to me but I'm worried about the dearth of funding for DrPH programs (especially as I'd be an international student) so I'm also looking at PhD programs as well. What schools are you looking at?

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