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  1. It was the same for me too. It just updated and shows a rejection. Congratulations to everyone that's been accepted and good luck to the ones waitlisted!
  2. Thanks for calling and finding out! Pretty crazy that they are taking so long!
  3. If Hopkins' decisions aren't out by 9am PST today, I am moving on with my life!
  4. I agree with you! Last year it was March 7th, so we may hear back this week from Hopkins! Good luck to everyone! I am definitely starting to become impatient.
  5. YAAAS! Woot Woot! Congratulations! 🎉
  6. We got this guys & gals! Few more weeks to go!
  7. Congratulations @brittany18! I attended Berkeley for undergrad and highly recommend the school. It's a great research institute with outstanding student life and culture. NorCal life is hard to beat!
  8. I see that Hopkins' Public Health PhD program decisions are coming out today. Last year they notified DrPH candidates in early March, so we have a few more weeks to go!
  9. Wow, that's strange! I couldn't find anything about it in the news section.
  10. Hi folks! Happy New Years! Has anyone received any interviews thus far?
  11. That's awesome! Thank you for reposting your answer! Is there are particular region you are interested in studying? US, global, or another specific country? I will contribute mine. I work in tech and I am interested in studying the role of insurtech(insurance technology) in changing the healthcare practices. Amazon entering the healthcare market was my biggest motivator to applying this year. Super excited to track how the industry changes in the next few years!
  12. Question for everyone: What are you interested in researching/studying during your DrPH?
  13. Is there any sort of financial aid available for the part-time DrPH program at Hopkins? My plan is to have my employer pay for it, but I am trying to identify all of my options.
  14. Good luck with your applications! I am sure one sacrificed Thanksgiving will be worth it!
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