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  1. Thanks for the advice! Columbia is the only place offering a scholarship, and I've decided to go there
  2. I'm guessing MPH based on the name lol I'm going through the decision-making process now too. What factors are you considering? I went on each school's website and made a list of potential classes that looked interesting and compared them. And I looked at professors' research interests. Apart from academics, I'm taking into account location and cost.
  3. Hi! What advice would you give a first year MPH student interested in eventually pursuing a PhD?
  4. I applied! In the middle of decisions for MPH in Epidemiology. What's everyone else studying?
  5. Oh yeah! I went to their Visit Days and I remember hearing that, but it completely skipped my mind to consider it. Thanks so much!
  6. What factors should I consider when choosing which MPH program to attend? Or straight up tell me where you think I should go lol. I would be pursuing MPH in Epidemiology with a global health/social determinants of health concentration. I've narrowed down 3 schools: UMich-AA, University of Washington, and Columbia (Mailman).
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