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  1. Yes! A few hours after sending the inquiry I got an email to check the portal and was waitlisted :/ Honestly- I'm fine with it. My partner matched into residency in Boston, which is where I did undergrad and have wanted to get back to. Currently in the process of applying to jobs that will give me some more experience in my research interest areas and will plan to reapply (likely in the northeast area- Harvard, Brown, Yale) in a year or two. I'm currently on Yale's waitlist which I think is the only place I'd accept at this point, if somehow ended up getting off the waitlist. Good luck with JHU!!!
  2. Thanks for the info! Yes I was thinking it was weird and likely meant a waitlist or something of the sort. WIll reach out!
  3. Looks like there are some acceptances in the Results section, but has anyone here been accepted to the Michigan PHD Epi program? I interviewed and since then have heard nothing... the interview was in January, and it's past mid-March now so just wondering when we were supposed to hear back (I did see some rejections from last week?)
  4. Also interested in this... Not even sure who to reach out to or if I should just wait? But also wondering if showing my interest would be in any way beneficial...
  5. I've been accepted to a few programs (one with funding) and am waiting on one more, but also seriously thinking of delaying a year or two and applying again. TBH I think I had a strong application except that I don't have much direct experience in the area I want to work in (infectious disease epi/global health). I've started looking at research jobs in global infectious disease. Hoping that getting this experience (especially at a research university I'm interested in getting my PhD from?) will help me have a better application season in a year or two . Luckily there's no time frame for an ideal time to get a PhD, and work experience only helps IMO. FYI I have 1 year international NON public health experience post-college, MSPH from top 10 program, 3 years public health/data analysis experience post-masters (great experience, but not in my content area of interest which I think hurt me).
  6. Same- just waiting for that rejection, especially since I didn't interview/haven't heard anything from them. Unlikely that I would attend anyway. Also, rejection from Columbia. Not surprised- not a great fit, the interview I had went so-so, and funding was concerning. But good luck to everyone accepted!!
  7. One potential consideration- if you’re interested in potentially going on to a PhD, UW makes it very easy (simplified application process, 95% acceptance rate, shorter time length).
  8. Just got rejection from Berkeley. Disappointing but not too surprising at this point. Still waiting on Michigan, Columbia, UNC, and Minnesota... Wish they'd just tell us already!
  9. Thank you!! The above especially is very helpful.. truthfully I was having some trouble finding expected graduation times etc on the website, aside from that you are expected to graduate within 7 years, and that was making me a bit nervous. Definitely hopeful to get out of wherever I go in 4 or so!!
  10. How did you like Tulane? I got into the Phd tropical medicine program with funding but don't know much about it/haven't gotten the chance to visit. A little nervous about NOLA for 4-5 years...
  11. LOL at the mardi gras excuse
  12. I reached out twice- the first time (end of Jan) was told they were looking for advisor fit and it could take some time. Then last week I reached out again and was told they had identified an advisor who wanted to work with me and were finalizing funding, and I should hopefully hear back with an offer in the next few weeks. Nope...
  13. Just got response from Yale and I have been waitlisted- was expecting a rejection since I wasn’t invited to interview, and not holding my breath. But still nicer than a straight out no I guess!
  14. https://smartasset.com/taxes/michigan-paycheck-calculator#xDd7Hl3ts4 Try the attached website!
  15. Definitely something I am considering as well! Honestly I think this decision will largely depend on the START fellowship, as that seems like a wonderful opportunity and also from people I've spoken to seems like it's basically 2 years unless you don't do well. Following that, my goal would be to get grant funding for my dissertation research. I think one strength for UW is that since internal funding is so competitive, there is much stronger institutional support for students to obtain outside funding, and this I believe is a very important skillset/CV element for careers afterwards. Michigan, which offers full institutional funding which is AWESOME, spoke a lot about how they are trying to build up their grant writing support as students seem to be complaining that it is lacking. However I agree... without START/a guarantee of at least a year and likely 2, I will be very hesitant to accept.
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