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  1. The best way to decide on a degree is to do what you've done- look at requirements for jobs you want. If they list an MPH, that sounds like the move for you. I'm not sure why you'd get a PhD if you don't want to do research or be in academia. I know plenty of people with multiple masters degrees In terms of experience- find an MPH program that allows you to gain work experience while there. It won't be fulltime, but it's something to put on a CV/resume. There are lots of entry level jobs for those with an MPH- you might not be able to get your dream job immediately, or you may nee
  2. I can speak to UW- it's a GREAT program, and I think less competitive to get in than most other top programs. This is because they accept you unfunded, and you'll need to figure funding out on your own. If you faculty of interest is willing to fund you, it's a GREAT opportunity, but otherwise just know you might have to scramble!
  3. Yes. Definitely not ideal, but if you do it respectfully programs will understand.
  4. I got a little bit of info- some login stuff for email, and a list of next steps that are mainly for the summer. But not much!
  5. It depends on the program! Check if there's any info online about your program in specific. I looked into deferring a program a few years ago, and went through the program director. But at that time I had not had any contact with my PI. If you know your PI, it might be good to reach out to them...
  6. A few programs "recommend" that at lease one LOR come from a professor if you've been out of school for less than 5 years, but to my knowledge none require it. My first time applying (2 years ago) I followed the recommendation and got 2 excellent letters from work and 1 average letter from a professor (I had worked with him my first year of grad school, so at that point 4 years ago). I kind of regret getting that letter. This second time applying, I was 4 years out of grad school when applying (5 when starting the program, though), and just skipped the prof letter and got 2 letters
  7. You have the right to wait until 4/15. I don't think you doing so should have any negative consequence on relationships. If you're worried, I'd suggest sending a brief emailing reiterating your interest in the program and the PIs work, and then letting them know that you are waiting to make a decision until you can visit the city so you can make a more educated decision, especially with this year being so difficult in terms of travel. I would assume most people would understand you not wanting to commit to 4-5 years in a place you've literally never seen.
  8. I let my programs know what I was doing as soon as I got official notice from my #1 (or maybe like 3 days later). I wanted to make it official, and clear my spot in programs I wasn't accepting. From my first round of applications, I was waitlisted at 2 schools- was told I didn't make it off the waitlist at one program in like May/June (so it was expected), but the program I got off the waitlist at let me know on April 17. So unforunately I do think people wait it out until the end, and/or programs wait it out until they know how the "first round" went.
  9. I looked up my interviewers and made sure I had some idea of their work, and could ask relevant questions if I had time to. Also, as someone said above, i prepared answers for “tell me about yourself/why phd/why our program” type typical questions... this was helpful because while I didn’t actually use any of these exact answers, it was good to think through. The two things I prepared that WERE super helpful was (1) practicing describing one or two of my current projects succinctly and knowledgeably to a non-co-investigator, and (2) describing a project that id be interesting in work
  10. Congrats!! Great news, and I'm sure it feels amazing! Also not going to a t10, and very excited for my program
  11. Those are some incredible options! Just want to say CONGRATS! Is there a program you're leaning towards?
  12. I sent brief thank you notes to all interviewers. For the 2 schools I interviewed at- at 1 school, every faculty member responded back, at the other school no one did. I got into both. Just an FYI not to worry about responses to thank-yous.
  13. Grad school grades tend to be pretty good, so I'm really not sure how much of an impact those will make on PhD admission unless you do really poorly. What will matter a lot more is your research experience, any publications, and having a clear story of why a PhD in epi and a clear fit at whatever program you're looking at!
  14. Same same (decision science track). Not surprised as I didn’t interview, and happier with my other choices anyway. Nice to have a final answer though!
  15. From experience- I applied two years ago and reapplied this year. This year, I was admitted to 2 programs that rejected me 2 years ago. One of those programs interviewed me both times. So yes, reapply!! And keep in touch with the faculty members you spoke to and would like to work with. In my case, getting more experience and being more specific in my interests and why those schools helped a lot. But especially this year, it might also totally just be luck! There are so many more applicants, and not necessarily more spots. Obviously you were well-qualified since you went through two round
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