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  1. A few of the domestic one's on this thread did get their responses from UoA on their application starting from 6th feb, you can check the thread and get to know it
  2. I applied for MPH epidmeiology and it's still on pre-screening too, I'm an international applicant!
  3. Any international applicants who have as of yet got any word from the UoA, applied for the MPH epidemiology specialization? As well as other tracks? Has any of the international applicants heard back?
  4. that's a really good idea, it's more convenient to be active on facebook !! signing up.
  5. Hey guys, it's been a long time since i got back here (even though i practically started the topic lol) out of nerves crunching thanks to the prolonged waiting on admission decisions. CONGRATULATIONS to those who got into their respective programs, i'm glad and wish you all the best for your future endeavors !! i applied for the MPH Epidemiology FALL 2019 program at U of Alberta. my Grad portal shows PRE SCREENING while my BEAR TRACKS shows APPLICATION PENDING DECISION. i emailed u alberta grad admissions and they told me to wait until end of feb for admission decisions which start rolling out in mid feb. has anyone else applied for MPH Epi? Best Regards !!
  6. Has anyone else applied for the fall 2019 admissions at the School of public health, University of Alberta? Any progress on the applications? Any feedbacks you've heard from them or got any decisions yet?
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