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  1. Okay . I just got accepted but I declined it. Maybe you are taking me spot. lol best luck to you!
  2. That’s crazy. How long do you have to wait then
  3. No I am still on the waitlist. If I get off from the waitlist, I won't accept it.
  4. Hi, I won’t accept western’s offer since I already accepted by McGill University. Just wonder to see all my results. Good luck to you 😬
  5. She got on the 5th of May
  6. Hi there. The waiting list should be rolling recently, one of my friends moved off the waiting list and got admission! Good luck to you! 😃
  7. So there is noting to do but just wait?
  8. I haven’t heard anything back. Still waiting. It’s quite wired that only One or two people posted they got accepted.
  9. I have no idea but based on the avaible spots is only 25. I assume it’s extremely competitive!
  10. Same. Waiting is killing me.
  11. any updates from western?
  12. which concentrations are you?
  13. Anyone hear from uvic?
  14. Any news of domestic application from western?
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