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  1. Hey everyone! I'm looking into MPH programs for the fall of 2020. This seems like a somewhat overwhelming process, so, much like the years before, I thought a thread for everyone in the same boat might be useful! A bit about me - I'm in Health Studies at Western, going into my last year. I've been specializing in Health Promotion and volunteering as a research assistant for the past year. I'm looking to apply to McMaster, Queen's, and Guelph in Ontario, and then SFU and possibly Memorial. I'm considering the MPH at Western, but I'd like to diversify my alumni network and experience a change of scenery. I'm also a little skeptical of the shorter time frame for the degree, as it's only 1 year long compared to most MPH's 16 - 24 months. I'm still on the fence about applying for MSc programs in Health Promotion, because I'm unsure about remaining in research (I also don't have one specific topic I'd want to commit to for a thesis, and I like the idea of an MPH as it covers a broader array of topics). I'd love to chat with any current MPH students in those programs (or any others in Canada!) and anyone else going though this process .
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