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    Helping at-risk kids and veterans overcome their social determinants of health. In public health denominator matters, the entire continuum of care needs to be aligned in order to cast a wider net of evidence-based practice. I believe that academic healthcare institutes with a research component need to be the 'light house' in the healthcare storm to show the way to population health improvement.
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  1. I was rejected last year from all my schools. Here is what I learned from seeking feedback from anyone that would offer. Top Tier Schools do not want a list of accomplishments, they want a game plan. Your statement of purpose should tell them how or why you got to where you are now...and where you want to go. The big part however, is telling them why you need the Doctorate program you seek to act as an incubator or catalyst....you are a change agent right? Show them your change work. My undergraduate grades were horrible, but I turned it around and graduated cum laude from my MBA program. Grades are just an outcome measure so I made sure to show I have a great work history of proof that I can implement, lead, influence, understand policy, use statistics and data to solve problems, and create positive change. I pivoted from being a Quality Improvement engineer to running operations for an accountable care organization. I specifically told JHSPH that I want to copy our ACO pediatric model for helping at-risk kids and transpose it and build an ACO focused on Veterans. I linked all the things I have done, the mentors and leaders that wrote me recommendations, and I attached several power points of my work and abstracts (as well as awards for patient quality and safety). I submitted a full package that supported my statement of purpose...through my actual work. Also, I networked my butt off. I called JHSPH and asked for alunmni and students I can speak with. I looked up the faculty and read through their published work and connected things that I also was focused on. I did a lot of homework on the program and the culture. All that feedback helped me better craft my application package and really understand what the program could do for me, if I went all in and poured myself into the work. I also made sure that my leadership knew I would be integrating what I studied into my daily work. They were excited for that and I asked them to write that in the recommendation letter as well.
  2. I have also received rejection from UNC but I was just accepted to Hopkins DrPH program. I am wonderfully thrilled. It took two years of applications and interviews but I did it! UIC will most likely delivery notice by end of the month!
  3. Admissions board: What would you like to study Me: The effects of chronic 'Click-Refresh' on doctoral candidates and the associated rise of carpel tunnel and dibilitating anxiety. Admissions board: ......we see what you did there, well played. Welcome to Harvard.
  4. Does anyone know about UNC?
  5. Yes it is. It is used horribly wrong. As a LSS Black Belt I worked in manufacturing, mining, healthcare consulting, and now at a pediatric research hospital. You can't just take the Operational Excellence shirt off the back of industry and apply it to healthcare, it needs to be adapted to be adopted. My focus is to apply operational excellence as a vehicle to implement evidence based practice in academic, community, and regional medical systems servicing Medicaid and Veteran populations through the platform of an ACO.
  6. Quality/Safety...They really believe in using Lean Six Sigma which is really needed to be refined in healthcare
  7. Its like one of those Free Pizza and Beer...Tomorrow! signs they put in front of restaurants.
  8. UIC and Hopkins may be sending out acceptance this week. UNC most likely as well, if you have already been interviewed.
  9. Does anyone else think that SOPHAS is lacking as far as a clearing house application is concerned? I had two of three recommenders call the school and send their recommendations letters directly as there were issues uploading to sophas.
  10. "The waiting is the hardest part" - Tom Petty. If you have been interviewed...now it is a waiting game through early March (March Madness!!!!!)
  11. Yes they are. They are going on right now.
  12. I am hesistant to apply to the DrPH program and hopefully you all can help me by roasting me. Seriously, give me feedback based on my background. Do I have a shot? Thinking Johns Hopkins with a Quality and Safety Track: Sergeant, United States Marines 8yrs (Multiple Deployments to middle east and horn of africa in both humanitarian aid and combat operations) MBA with a 3.89 Certified Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt (yes, we use two-means T-Tests, Z-Tests, hypothesis testing, control charts...and high level statistical analysis) Adjunct Professor in combined MBA/MSN program at Capital University (ACPSB Acreddited) Worked professionally for 8+ Years for: Zimmer Biomet (Clinical Team Leader, Orthopedics), Cardinal Health (Hospital Consultant and Pharmaceutical Distribution Mananger for North American Distribution hub), Nationwide Children's Hospital (Sr. Quality and Safety Leader responsabile for clinical quality and safety improvement for all ambulatory health, QI Coach and teacher for the Quality Improvement Healthcare Executive). GRE: 5.2 Writing, 160 Verbal, 147 Quant
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