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  1. Hi All -- Thanks for all of your input; it's been very insightful. One of my biggest deterrents to applying to a PhD program is the 'Publish or Perish' mentality that exists within the field; the honest reality is that funding is tough to come by, post-PhD. While I'd like to be in academia, teaching or otherwise, tenured positions are also rare. That said, I'm almost a year out of my MPH program and will most likely apply to a DrPH program in a few years -- it would probably make the most sense for me in regards to practicality and leadership. I'd have 2-3 years of management experi
  2. I'm seriously considering applying for a DrPH, but am unsure about if I should over a PhD. For those who have applied -- why did you apply for a DrPH instead of a PhD? In your opinion, what are some factors that should be considered before pursuing a DrPH? Would love to read any and all input. Thanks in advance!
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