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  1. Would anyone recommend sending them updated transcripts/writting sample while on the wait list? I was thinking of emailing unofficial grades to the committee as I went from a 3.5 to 3.7 and finished my masters comp exam paper. I don't want to be to pushy but I don't want to come across as unconcerned about this as I really want to go to UCSB.
  2. I got an email I am wait listed and should know after April 15th. I emailed them and told them I don't need funding and am even willing to TA without any funding or enter UCSB at the M.A / some type of probationary level to prove I deserve a spot (already have an M.A) but I am willing to do whatever, so hopefully that helps me. I want UCSB so damn bad. come to think of it I sound like a desperate high schooler looking for a date before prom =P
  3. Thanks everyone! I actually called and both UCSB and UMASS said they have not made all decisions but they should be out within 10 days. UCSB told me my file had been reviewed a month earlier but no decision had been made yet...is this a wait list or something? I figure they would have denied me right off the bat. I want UCSB bad !
  4. I hope I am actually 'waiting' and not already dead in the water. Anyone else waiting or know whats up with these schools?
  5. USC sent denials via email today. Canned and junky yet expected. 0-2 waiting on UCR Umass UCSB and Hawaii (actually top choice because I wanna live in Hawaii =P )
  6. I will probably live my life as usual, square my application up and apply again next year. In addition its doubtful anything in my life will really change. Ill still be getting drunk on Fridays and having a good time. Its not like these adcoms can diagnose you with cancer, make your child ill or take away anything of much real importance. Deep breaths it'll be ok.
  7. Umass People I talked to them today and they are NOT done with decisions, they are still working their way through the pile so all hope isn't lost.
  8. Ouch..denied at Washington State today..this doesn't led me to believe I am gonna get in anywhere. Sucky. If anyone is wondering I called and they told me via phone.
  9. UCriverside and UMass-Amherst The people who have heard from them do you know if all decisions have been made? I applied to both and havent heard anything yet, hoping it isnt a bad sign =(
  10. Yea I want Hawaii simply to live there for a few years. They offer housing and if they accept my tuition waiver I would be there over any of the other schools I applied to =P
  11. Just a bit of info. I contacted the following schools and these were the dates they gave me UCSB - early march USC - early to mid march UCR - April Uof Hawii- early march UMass Amherst -> late march early april Washington State -> mid march Little old me would kill for USC and I know most of you big shots are looking for UChicago etc, sorry I cant help there;)
  12. No I didnt get that letter. I talked to the office lady and she said march/april decisions should be out. They did call me about 3 weeks ago and asked me to fill out an optional like financial aid form. I havent heard anything from anywhere else yet.
  13. All apps are political science ph.d USC ---waiting UCSB---waiting UCR---waiting Washington State---waiting UMASS-Amherst---waiting Uof Hawaii --- waiting and it continues.... anyone heard back from any of these schools yet?
  14. The reason this board is dead is you simply cant get answers to ANYTHING, its pretty sad how it becomes some other topic. I would suggest college confidential or the likes for better answers to your questions.
  15. I am at a Catholic Uni for grad school and love it. I am not religous at all but still enjoy the architecture and general feel of the school. In grad school you arnet going to have mandatory religion courses ETC that you might dislike, so I say it doesnt matter.
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