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  1. Similar discussions have gone on elsewhere, but I thought I'd open it up to a particular thread. Comment on each.
  2. farty14

    Atlanta, GA

    Let's hear what people have to say about neighborhoods, cost of living, night life, and other things I won't have time to do as a grad student.
  3. If that's the case, then 4 unofficial waitlists and 1 official waitlist. It still is very lame.
  4. I have been waitlisted, unofficially, at 5 schools. I figure I am in line to be accepted to at least one of the programs, but I really have no idea of the likelihood of being accepted at any one of these schools. Does anyone have any insight into this--perhaps a prediction? EDIT: Also, I really don't understand why some schools haven't been more forthright about this. I have had to call every school to get my status. Most all schools tell me that I will hear more "in mid-march" or "later this month." Why can't these schools at least notify me of the "waitlist" status? Is it because I am ac
  5. Not sure you ever posted: interests? Stats?
  6. I put in an app. I think admits will hear today or, more likely, next week.
  7. You are a brave soul. I guess that is good. Thanks for the info!
  8. Who wants to be brave enough to call and ask about decisions status at Chicago and/or Texas? Any takers?
  9. In the screen where it its displays two links (credentials and application), there should be something (not a hyperlink) that says "application status." That is my best guess.
  10. I called the department earlier in the week. I was told decisions had been made and should would go out this week. I cannot say whether the past was a fake because I did not post it; i hope it was a fake. My guess is that more people would hear from UofC than one person. That is, I think it notifies all of its admits in one day and leaves everyone else to languish in silence.
  11. As was posted earlier: All decisions at Chicago have been made (a la UTexas) and should be going out this week.
  12. I'm not really sure how the waitlisting process works at Michigan. I would assume it is different at every school. Some schools may send acceptances in waves, essentially creating a de facto waitlist. Judging from the archives, it looks like UM does not do this; it usually sends out a notice. Maybe you will get a notice in the mail or via email. Good luck.
  13. You have most likely been denied, though you may be waitlisted. Michigan has already made its decisions.
  14. farty14

    Next Week

    It is possible . . . and highly recommended.
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