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  1. Whelp. Count me one time waitlisted. Decided on another university, but if I get a late cycle acceptance, I'll ask if I can defer a year.
  2. Don't you mean awkward? lol I would feel very awkward getting a PhD phone call while on a tour for a Masters. I mean, they know almost instantly you aren't going to take the Masters at that point. xD
  3. What a ridiculous question. Yes, call them immediately.
  4. This. I think you will find that getting funding is a lot easier than they make it out to be. That said, you should attend and if you aren't able to secure funding in your first year working ONLY with the professors you want to work with, then do a terminal Masters. Meanwhile, fire out a few applications this winter for F20, just in case.
  5. Ternwild

    San Diego, CA

    Word of advice: Take this program. Having done two degrees at TAMU, I strongly discourage attending the university.
  6. Just because you feel the program was a perfect fit for you, doesn't mean the program feels you're a perfect fit for them. That said, consider looking into working in a job that will look better on your application, next time around. Such as moving from administrative work to research or something along those lines. It is not entirely inappropriate to ask what you can do better, next time, but I suggest asking closer to the summer after all the applications have gone through. For now, work on making your work experience more relevant (even if that means learning how to sell what you c
  7. They're okay. They have pita chips. Who could question existence in a world with pita chips?
  8. Yes. Sadly, at this point, if you did hear anything, it wouldn't be until after Apr 15th. Start planning on what you'll be doing until your next applications this December.
  9. Ternwild

    Boulder, CO

    Can someone bang on the door of the Admissions Director for Physics at CU Boulder and tell them to (pretty) please accept me? xD
  10. Ternwild

    San Diego, CA

    San Diego is full of a fast moving base of people. People often switch apartments yearly or come and live for only a year or two. Downtown is best compared to places like La Jolla (which is near UCSD campus) or El Cajon (near SDSU campus) because there are always apartments available because they aren't occupied by students who are all on the same 9mo rotation; plus, there are plenty of high rises and houses that are split into multiple apartments. The nicest part of downtown to live in is north of Laurel St near 3rd Ave, but it gets a bit more expensive. Hillcrest is the more lively area
  11. It's true. I know quite a bit about this topic. Basically, you need to assume you're rejected. This way you aren't sitting around waiting/hoping for some magical acceptance to come in. What you need to be doing is researching jobs in your field and start applying, now. Start planning for if you don't get into your school. Though being accepted off the waitlist is entirely possible, you're likely not going to; the odds are not in your favour. So, plan accordingly and stop worrying about it. If you get in, great. But you need to accept that you aren't and start on that job hunt. Don't
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