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  1. From my experience, I don't think it would count against you at all. A lot of libraries specifically want to hire librarians who have degrees (especially advanced degrees) in their field as well as LIS. I know a number of people in my program who already have at least one master's degree but are getting an MLIS to work in a specialized library. Also, you might want to look at other schools than UIUC if you're interested in archives. I'm not an archives person, but the people I know who are doing archives at UIUC have expressed some frustration, particularly with the fact that there aren't
  2. Definitely. Also, the iSchool at Illinois is having a panel on careers in law librarianship on March 6. It'll be streamed online if you'd like to check it out!
  3. Sorry I have no idea. I have a couple friends who work as hourlies at the law library on campus, but I don't know anyone who's actually interested in pursuing it as a career. All I know is that they struggled to fill the graduate assistantship position at the law library because they wanted someone with a JD, which I have not personally encountered in my program (though my focus is youth services, so I don't really take classes that are as relevant to law librarianship). You could try reaching out to some professional organizations for law librarianship and seeing if there's anyone willing to
  4. Hi if you're still looking for advice, here's some from a soon-to-be MLIS graduate: Have you tried emailing the second professor at Alabama? January is super busy for professors, and it's not uncommon for emails to get lost in the shuffle. Just a quick ping of "hey just wanted to check in" kind of thing usually works. As someone in this area of study (youth services is my jam), I will tell you that I've heard more about Alabama. The 2018-2019 president of ALSC is a faculty member there, for example. I don't know that I've ever heard anything about Missouri other than that it exists.
  5. Hi I'm about to graduate with my MLIS. I can tell you firsthand that librarianship is not a dying profession. (It is, however, a highly competitive one. A lot of applicants for a few openings, though that also really depends on what your interest is.) More people visited libraries last year than went to see a movie in a theater. Librarianship is actually a really exciting field right now. There's been a lot of change and evolution as we shift away from the "stacks and shush" model in public and K-12 libraries and focus on more community-based learning, for example. There's also a lot of c
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