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  1. I did! I like the 100% synchronous nature of the program, as well as the youth services and school media electives offered.
  2. Congratulations! Looks like we'll be classmates!
  3. Thank you for this helpful advice. I was accepted to both programs! And, I did hear back from the previously-mentioned professor and enjoyed that correspondance. Still haven't made my decision yet -- I waffle back and forth between the two every.single.day. But more and more I am liking the idea of the campus orientation at Alabama.
  4. My last recommendation was submitted on January 28 -- the deadline was February 1 and I received my acceptance on Feb 10. Good luck to you!
  5. Thank you! I have not made a decision yet. And throughout this whole process I have gone back and forth between the two -- which means that hopefully either one is a good decision.
  6. I have been accepted to both Alabama and Mizzou!
  7. I have been accepted to both Alabama and Mizzou!
  8. I have applied to Alabama, Mizzou, and Appalachian State. As of right now, both departments are reviewing my application but I haven't heard anything yet. Appalachian's program isn't ALA-accredited, but I'm going into school library, so that doesn't really matter. It was more of my safe school as I already hold one MA from there and I like the fact that their classes are all synchronous.
  9. I've applied to two programs, and assuming I am accepted to both, the question becomes how do I decide which one? It's not an issue of cost -- both are about the same. Both have synchronous components to their courses, which I am looking for. Alabama has less required courses, giving me more freedom for electives in my specialization (Youth Services/School Media), but I don't necessarily love all the electives they have. Mizzou has more required courses, but I like all of the electives. So then I researched professors. With Missouri, I got a good vibe from a professor just through a few emails. With Alabama, some of my questions were answered from the program director, but then she CCed in another professor to answer the rest, and he never responded to them (it's been two weeks). Both programs are ALA-accredited. I have tried to find student opinions on either program, and there isn't much out there. Ratemyprofessors.com doesn't tell me much either. I wish I could have one contact from each to find out what the classes are really like, what kinds of assignments there are, what kind of support there is, etc. The only real difference is that Alabama requires me to make a trip to campus for a two-day orientation. Missouri does not. I don't mind the trip, though Alabama in August does not sound appealing. What's a boy to do?
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