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  1. You are giving me life. Do you know how many weeks a "few" might be? I have been obsessively refreshing my email/app portal since I saw others got interview requests.
  2. Did anyone else get an interview with UCSF? How many have they scheduled with you? I keep thinking I have scheduled them all, and then ANOTHER faculty member emails me. Very odd.
  3. Maybe you WILL be getting invited to interview soon! I would think that webinar is a positive sign?
  4. I am under the impression that UCSF sent out notifications for interviews all at once via the program director. They do require an interview. But, good news, if that is your 1 interview (and it is mine) they admit half of those they interview.
  5. I think it is a good sign. They have rejected applicants who they already know aren't the right fit, and are still considering you. Have hope!
  6. I spoke with faculty who said they have chosen everyone for interviews, and are in the process of contacting. Should hear in the next 2 weeks for interviews.
  7. I was just invited for a UCSF epi interview! I know from their website that they interview twice as many people as they admit. But I am still darn happy.
  8. I did! UCSF's epidemiology program is in their school of medicine. I don't think it matters much. Many schools seem to have strong collaborations between med and public health either way.
  9. Congrats! Was it an acceptance or interview request? I haven't heard anything from any of the schools I have applied for... my anxiety is..... neverending.
  10. Yes. I applied without a master's. I didn't get ~fully funded~ offers. Now I have a master's, I am reapplying, and really gunning for fully funded options.
  11. DM me if you have any other questions about the epi SM. The funding is limited here, unfortunately
  12. Your description is exactly what I was told when I applied (and was rejected) last time. It is really frustrating. Particularly because some tracks have a higher acceptance rate (more spots, fewer applicants). It is hard wanting something so bad, and knowing that no matter ho much you do to prepare, luck and chance are huge factors in determining the outcome
  13. Yes, I got the link almost immediately after I responded. You could also see if you can directly access the website: https://mypath.jhsph.edu/FirstLast/landing Where FirstLast is my first and last name.
  14. Nothing from UCSF or Harvard. Today I got a weird email from Hopkins. They said I had opted out of emails from the school (I never opted out) but that I could still check for admissions decisions on their portal (I never received information about the portal). I responded and they quickly fixed the issue.
  15. The methods track. My quantitative metrics are balanced by limited work experience and my young age. I know several PhD programs want more work experience than I have, so my anxiety is through the roof. What track did you apply to?
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