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  1. Did you get an interview though? I’m not aware of anyone getting interviews for methods track so I’m already assuming rejection
  2. Congratulations!! Are you international/local? I think I see your post in the Gradcafe survey page! Enjoy your pizzas!
  3. Wow such a strong profile! All the best! Keep us updated with good news!
  4. Hi gl to you and your s/o! I’m sure you will hear good news soon! By the way do u mind sharing your stats? I applied to Harvard EH as well but haven’t heard back
  5. Ah congrats! Sounds like you have a great profile! Mind sharing your stats? Do you by any chance know of any methods/econs applicants offered an interview? Thanks! And good luck with your interviews!!
  6. Hi guys! First time poster here. I applied to several Epi and Health Policy PhD programs and haven’t heard back since December. My stats are—3.5 UGPA, 3.75 Grad GPA, no GRE, 2 pubs in prep, 3 yrs of research exp. Still waiting to hear back from Harvard’s HP (Methods, and/ Econ tracks), BU’s HSR, Pitt, UCB... Btw just wondering has anyone gotten any interviews from Harvard for the different tracks I.e methods, econ, management. Thanks
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